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A digitized collection of old school handheld electronic games from around the world.

The last two are "comming soon".
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This is unbelievably awesome.
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These are nothing like old school.

THIS is the original old school handheld electronic game.
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The one where you have to walk round a path high-fiving people so they don't punch you in the head is mind-blowing. It's like a nerd social anxiety sim.
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three blind mice:
I loved that game! I also had the two-player version that my friend and I wore out.

My other favorites: Space Invaders and (best of all) Defender
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What an absolutely gorgeous site. I had Nintendo's "Oil Panic" when I was a tyke and boy did it make everyone jealous at school. Then some neighborhood kid got an Atari and it was all over for my little liquid crystal beauty.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's somewhere in my parent's basement.

Anyway, thanks for this gman!
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three blind mice:
I think that the Mattel Electronics games were out a season or so before Coleco, in 77. I got basketball for Christmas, my brother got football, we did not turn them off except to swap batteries (9v) on the six hour drive home from Grandma's.
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I still have with me the Plane and Tank game (one of the "coming soon" ones), as well as two others despite the fact that they haven't worked for 15 years at least. In general, I'm not at all sentimental and throw out everything that I don't have an immediate use for, but I never could bring myself to throw them out, I spent so many hours on them.
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Oh man. These were shining Excaliburs when I was in grade school.
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I see what you did there.

I love this but I am sad that my pac-man knock (epoch man) is not included. I totally beat that game getting to the infamous triple H score (maxed out at 999)
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Awesome, I owned a few of these. Plane & Tank, The Terminator, Sub Attack, Aerogun Field all look familiar. Though to be honest I have trouble distinguishing between them.

I was fond of a Castlevania handheld game that had actual level design, a high score, BOSSES, and more. Sophisticated next-gen stuff!
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oh god, and the little ticker that just keeps getting faster and faster
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Blip was fake digital.
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Sooooooooper cool.
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I remember getting Blip for Christmas. After about five minutes practice you'd get to the point where it was 0% skill, 100% endurance. Fun nevertheless.
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I used to have digital Pac-Man, only instead of being hand-held, it looked like a miniature arcade-style console. It was the bomb. And 10 times better than the abominable Atari 2600 version from around the same time.
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Atom Eyes, I had the same one! I played the HELL out of that, with it's tiny, tiny joystick.
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Oh man, blast from the past! I don't recognize most of these, but they do remind me of the Tiger handheld electronic games that were ubiquitous when I was a kid. They were so frustrating and inscrutable, especially when they were your only form of entertainment in a stuffy, hours-long car ride on a hot summer day when the batteries in your CD player and Gameboy were dead and you'd already read through every ending in your Goosebumps Choose Your Own Adventure book twice over.

There's a whole database of the Tiger games here; I remember having the Sonic one, the Power Rangers one, and, more embarrassingly, the Little Mermaid one, which was all the more embarrassing due to how tough it was.

Of course, they all paled in comparison to the best toy of them all: the handheld Pokedex. It was so goddamn cool, a vital piece of fictional gadgetry brought to life. I think I even still have it around somewhere...
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YES to Tomy Pac-Man. Not only did it have a cool contoured yellow shape, but VFDs totally kick LCD butt any day. Although it did eat up the C batteries. And no way you're going to be incognito lugging a huge yellow puck around.
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cgk, yeah I was gonna say, "What? No Mattel Football?"
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Oh, man, these are fantastic.
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I had this awesome keychain that had a million versions of Tetris, Snake, and other similar games. like 100s of modes. all done in black and white. i really want that keychain now, even though i've got a DS
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ohhh and Hook. Hook was fun
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Self-link. Flagged.
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The Nintendo games were always a cut above. The rise and fall of game intensity over time becomes a rhythm in these games, and this taught me lessons about life that I still find valid today, especially in the corporate workforce.

The one I had was Tropical Fish, but I only see what looks to be a Russian knock-off here, "Merry Cook". Ah, those fish are just like projects, the fishbowls meetings, and the wet floor the inevitable fate of most of what I do. Thank you, Nintendo.
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Sorry, Space Bridge is even more Tropical Fish-like.
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