Start with a seed.
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No winning, no losing. Just choices. Mitoza.

Sortof addictive 'game' that isn't a game.

Took a long time to load, plus a fun elephant to watch as it loads.
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Load time reminds me of the salad days of cassette tape drive Commodore Vic 20 gaming.

*rewinds, presses play, waits. . . waits . . . waits.
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My udder dog got roasted. I'd call that losing!
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No winning, no losing. Just loading.
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Bird -> Large Egg -> Halo

oh god it reads my nightmares
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I thought it was kind of cool when my kids were playing with it a couple of days ago. There's not much there though. On the other hand, there's a new(ish) Eyemaze game!
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The bizarre transitions remind me very much of Terry Gilliam’s brilliant animations in Monty Python’s Flying Circus.
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Dammit, now I have to try every possible combination to see what they each lead to.

/has more OCD than previously believed
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this reminds of panic! on the sega cd with a less humorous writer but a more technical visual artist.
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Played this one a long while ago -- surreal and interesting...
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spoiler warning ahoy!

	flower pot -> seed grows

		fertilizer -> plant becomes venus fly trap

			fly -> fly eats venus fly trap

				fly swatter -> fly breaks into multiple flies

					skull -> fly plays hamlet, "alas poor yorick" scene

						thumbs down -> audience boos and throws tomatoes, curtain goes down, raises again on seed

						thumbs up -> applause, photographs, confetti, scene turns into a photograph and then fades to seed

					ghost -> flies perform seance, summon ghost seed, magnet on string attracts flies and takes them away

				dung -> dung falls to ground, covered with whip cream and a cherry, fly celebrates

					cucumber -> fly covers face with whip cream, cucumbers over eyes and boots away dung pile

						loaf of bread -> more cucumbers are attacted to fly along with tomatoes and bread,
						fly sandwich disappears bite by bite, seed remains

						pile of stuff -> fly lies down, gets massage from hand icons which finally fold fly down into a seed

					cherry -> fly eats up dung pile, seed remains
			spider -> spider comes down on thread, cocoons venus fly trap

				broccoli -> ticking sound followed by rubber ducky popping out of cocoon cukoo-clock style,
				broccoli florets to come marching up

					pencil tip -> brocollis push over cocoon to baby sounds (?), cocoon splits into sections
					and is eaten up sushi-style by pencils used as chopsticks, leaving seed

					eraser tip -> brocollis hold up cocoon, eraser comes in from the side and erases cocoon middle,
					leaving a ring held up by brocolli

						birthday cake -> red ring appears on the floor, brocolli's jump through ring and pop out
						of cocoon ring, portal-style, finally a seed jumps in from off screen through the
						cocoon ring and out the red floor ring leaving seed

						flame -> brocollis leave behind cocoon ring, revealing that it is now supported by a metal bar,
						ring catches fire, brocollis leave for offscreen and bring back stunt ramp, then push out a
						rubber ducky with fireworks rockets attached to the sides. when the rockets ignite the ducky
						launches straight up and completely misses the ring, then falls back down as the seed

				ice cream -> various sweets suspended on strings drop down from above cocoon opens to reveal mouth, lips,
				teeth, and tounge, smiling.

					dracula teeth -> mouth morphs into dracula teeth, all sweets are attracted into mouth which chomps them
					down in a bloody mess, releasing bats and drops of blood, one final drop of blood morphs into the seed

					regular teeth -> sweets morph into teeth, which fall to ground and converge on cocoon and lift it up
					dental tools then appear and work on mouth, which then eats the tools, teeth then carry cocoon off screen
					except for extractor tool which pulls a tooth from the mouth which falls to the ground and turns into the seed

		watering can -> watering can waters the plant which turns into a rose

			bowling ball -> bowling ball falls from above and crushes plant and flower pot

				happy face -> bowling ball rotates finger holes away, paint brush comes and paints a happy face on bowling ball

					brain -> top of bowling ball cracks, as if hatching, pops off, revealing brain

						mushroom -> super mario bros. question mark mushroom box appears above bowling ball which
						jumps up, hits box, causing a mushroom to emerge, converge on the bowling ball, which morphs back into
						the seed

						serving platter cover -> a table with tablecloth, a covered serving platter, and a flower in a vase is
						pushed out next to the bowling ball smiley face brain by a fish in a tuxedo. The fish lifts the cover
						to reveal a cherry which it lifts up and holds above the brain and then drops, while the brain's
						hemispheres separate and devour the cherry like a mouth (its starting to get to me now)

					top hat -> top hat falls on smiley face bowling ball

						apple -> apple falls from above obscuring bowling ball's smiley face, making a scene similar to
						Magritte's "The Son Of Man", apple-face painting. Hooked canes then pull away bowling ball and apple
						leaving hat, which is then tipped and pulled away leaving the seed

						pumpkin -> top hat flips off bowling ball, and from hat emerges a rabbit wielding a carrot like a
						magic wand. The rabbit waves the wand at the bowling ball which turns into a jack-o-lantern. The
						rabbit then levitates the top of the jack-o-lantern above it, levitates itself into the opening.
						jack-o-lantern top then falls back on top, and the jack-o-lantern face begins to glow brighter until
						the jack-o-lantern explodes and, as the smoke clears, the seed is revealed.

				circle with empty rectangular region inside -> bowling ball rotates so that finger holes are faced away,
				a tv screen then emerges on teh front of the bowling ball, showing static, and two antenna emerge from the top

					remote control -> a remote appears 

oh no, at this point I realize that when I hover over the bowling ball it is interactive! arrrgh! what about the rest of teh scenes???!?
oh well, I will forge ahead

					a remote appears, turns on the bowling ball tv, which is showing a pile of dung. A swarm of flies
					appears, flies towards the set and into the scene, they try to pick up the dung but run into the top
					of the bowling ball tv, they try again and the bowling ball tv flies away straight up. The seed falls from above

					popcorn box -> an arc appears across the antennas of the bowling ball tv, which then pops into a piece of
					popcorn. The popcorn piece is then devoured bite-by-bite, leaving the seed.

			filing box -> a filing box with its bottom open falls over the rose plant, it then folds itself close around the bottom
			of the plant

				marker -> markers appear and draw a home scene on the outside of the box

					beehive -> a beehive descends from above to hover over the box

						gear -> the top of the box opens revealing the elephant in the hamster wheel, trudging along,
						the beehive opens up to reveal some clockwork mechanisms. The elephant then rises into the beehive
						and begins driving the mechanisms, while the beehive closes around it. The entire assembly then
						falls into the box. from the top of the beehive emerges a wind-up key, rotating like helicopter blades.
						The beehive-box assembly then flies away, leaving a swarm of bees behind, one of which is wearing
						a "star antenna" headband. The bees leave behind the seed and then fly away.

						wrecking ball -> the beehive smashes down on the box, bursting it open, revealing the seed
						lounging in a tub. Three bees emerge from the hive. One jumps into the tub with the seed and
						splashes around while the other two bees sit at the sides of the tub. When the splashy bee
						flies out of the tub it carries the seed with it. The other two bees then carry the tub away and
						the splashy bee drops the seed on the flattened box. Then all three bees return to carry away
						the flattened box, which the seed rolls of off, leaving the seed

					bear -> a crocheted teddy bear walks up to the box and bangs on the top

						heart -> the bear hugs the box and rainbows and floating hearts fill the scene. A heart-shaped
						frame shrinks on to the screen, then encloses the entire scene, shrinking to nothing. When it disappears
						in teh center the seed falls from it

						broken heart -> the bear becomes angry and smashes in the top of the box, partially crushing it. The
						bear then jumps on top of the box (which still looks like a house). A helicopter, 
						much smaller than the bear flies by. The bear's eyes grow angrily, and then vaporizes the helicopter
						in a death ray. The bear then jumps down and vaporizes the box then bounds off screen. As teh cinders
						of the box dissipate the seed is revealed

				scissors -> scissors come and cut open the box, and the rose plant pops back out along with a giant twitching
				nose on three stick-like legs

					droplets -> The nose bends over the flower, flares its nostrils, and out of it comes a torrent of fluid.
					The bottom of the box becomes dark, and the flower begins to grow huge, with a fat, thorn stem. The
					scene pans upward to view the flower blossom, revealing that the elephant in the hamster wheel has emerged
					from the center of the blossom. The entire scene then crumples like paper and when the crumpled paper wad
					shrinks to near nothingness it becomes the seed and falls to the ground

					swirling downward breezes -> the nose bends over the flower, inhales deeply, sucking the entire flower up into
					its nostrils, it then contentedly collapses into the box where it exhales deeply, blowing out flower petals
					which swirl and sweep away the scene, except one last petal which deposits the seed on the ground

	bird ->

I don't have the strength to do the bird path now.
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