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Revolutionology is the blog of a sociologist in Libya.
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The fact that I clicked because I thought that said scientologist did not stop me from finding this really interesting so far.
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This is good. I like the colloquial translation - people come to life in a way that most media seem to want to actively suppress - by either framing them as more noble or more savage, and not just regular guys in a messed up situation.

And I got hungry for Libyan food...
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Anyone have some good Arab house music for me to fist bump to?
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Incredibly interesting. Thanks for sharing.
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What dozo said. Also, this:
An armored personnel carrier from Gaddafi’s militias after being hit by Coalition air strikes. The spray paint reads: “Bu Shafshufah’s rubbish, all for sale.” (Bu Shafshufah, or “Uncle Curly,” is a derisive nickname for Muammar Gaddafi.

I'm forever going to be thinking of him as 'Uncle Curly' now.
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