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Those bearing XY chromosomes and those who love them will be thrilled to watch Manhood In The Mirror, a cautionary, educational parody about the importance of self-examination in the treatment of testicular cancer. Both text and video instructions for TSEs are available, as well as some background on the video itself. Brought to you by ZDoggMD, a medical satirist with other videos, such as Immunize!.
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Sadly, the video link with the nice lady doctor started with an ad featuring Stephen Harper, which means that when I tried the eggs-in-a-baggie simulation -- well, let's just say that I'm having quiche tonight.
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I can't do much about what or how or when YouTube chooses to advertise. If I could, I would, but I can't, so I won't.
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I dunno. My balls have felt like a pair of cracked hard-boiled eggs ever since I had epididymal cysts at the age of 23. Smooth? Hah! The callouses on my big toes are smoother. I wouldn't have a clue if I had bollock cancer or not so I don't bother to check any more. Seriously, they feel like frozen brussels sprouts. There's no point in checking when checking just makes me think, "Fuck, my balls are a mess". And a bad Michael Jackson impersonation isn't likely to persuade me to reconsider. Hey, I made it to 52. Whatever takes me now can take me.
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I now know 100% more intimate details than I ever wanted to know about Decani's balls.

(The metaphors were so good I still read the post twice)
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Brussel sprouts? Seriously?
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As Dylan Moran says, 'you're looking for a lump... in a bag of lumps.'
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Just to say: been there, and very glad indeed I done that - when that little nugget didn't disappear after a week, I convinced myself to have it checked. I was 18, so the metastases had only been able to get so far along the lymphways up inside me.
All long past now, but: that instinct to trust your fingerspitzengef├╝hl? I can't recommend it enough.
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Brussel sprouts? Seriously?
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Frozen brussels sprouts, dude. Those babies are rougher than W. H. Auden's face that time he tried to grow a beard and then accidentally glued a piece of extra-coarse sandpaper to his chin. The first time I read that testicles are supposed to feel smooth I felt myself up and promptly shat a brick, assumed I had cancer and made out my first last will and testament. As I mentioned, I was 23 at the time so my last will and testament went a bit like this:

I leave my shitty Columbus Les Paul copy to my sister, because she hates electric guitars, she's a Christian and I hate Christians.

I leave my record collection to Jumbo Records in Leeds Merrion Centre, because that's where most of it came from and hey, they'r'e nice people.

Oh fuck, that's all I own.

The contents of my scrotum still feel like at least three unshelled walnuts yet I remain mysteriously undead so, you know, I say this to young men terrified by the corrugated madness of their testes: get it checked out, dude, but don't sweat too much. Not everyone has smooth nads.
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Flagged as "boyzone"
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Hey progosk, same exact thing here, except I was 28. Actually, the first doc I saw was too incompetent to find the lump, so I had to force him to write the referral to radiology.

Gents, you want to catch this shit early...nothing is as unpleasant as trying to recover from being split from sternum to crotch, having your intestines placed on your chest, and 37 lymph nodes extracted.
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Sprouts? It must be Christmas.
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I've heard the trick with brussel sprouts is to steam or smoke them. Boiling just makes ten tough and disgusting. Serve with walnuts and goat cheese.
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three unshelled walnuts

Wait. Three? What are you, a pawn broker?
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I just finished three cycles of chemotherapy for TC that had spread into my lymph nodes. Managed to avoid the RPLND that Existential Dread mentions, but the tumor has managed to crush my inferior vena cava, so I still have some treatments at vascular surgery to get through.

I wholeheartedly approve of this and any approach to informing both men and women about this type of cancer. It's one that can be easily treated, if caught early enough, just by doing, with a little more care and attention to detail, what we all do most days anyway.
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get it checked out, dude, but don't sweat too much. Not everyone has smooth nads.

But! If you normally had smooth nads, and suddenly don't, or one of them gets inflamed or uncomfortable, get it checked!

Also, because I have a more-than-academic interest in this:
The Testicular Cancer Resource Center and support forum
The slightly alarming increase in testicular cancer rates (pdf).

And while we are sharing, if you're worried about losing one of your boys, don't stress too much. The other one tends to develop compensatory hypertrophy to the point that it's like replacing two with one that's more than twice the size....and it can settle towards the middle so it's not super lopsided.
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What Existential Dread said (and linked to) but also: Don't ignore things if there's no pain where there used to be. My offending tender bit used to be just that, always the more susceptible of the two to be screaming in agony when coming into contact with solid objects at speed (could've made out like a bandit on AFV if any had ever had a camera running). However, and I didn't realize this until after the diagnosis of TC was confirmed though an orchiectomy, at some point in the second half of last year it stopped being as sensitive as it once was. Lack of pain can be just as much of an indicator for a problem as excruciating pain, but it's not something that we generally associate with having to make a trip to the doctor for.
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Don't ignore things if there's no pain where there used to be.

Whoa, interesting. When I look back, I noted that I developed horribly soaking night sweats for about 6 months before I found my tumor, 2-3 nights a week.

TC can be a bit of a chameleon. Since I had a mixed seminoma/non-seminoma tumor, it was found in pathology that three cycles of bleomycin/etoposide/cis-platin had killed all metastatic tumor cells, but I wound up with growing teratoma syndrome. Thus, the RPLND.

I thought I had caught mine early. Initial diagnosis was Stage I with no vascular involvement; from me finding the lump to orchiectomy was only 3 weeks. Then the unpleasant surprise of elevated tumor markers showing up four months later leading to 9 hellish weeks of chemo....then the CT showing an enlarged lymph node requiring RPLND. And now, two+ blessed years of freedom.
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Balls are weird.

I think we don't need to call those things that make us men weird anymore. For too long the man has been putting us down, making us think our bodies . . .

Ok, they are weird.
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Hearing these stories, I'm soo glad I traded mine in when I did.

at least the twins are not quite so... delicate when handled.
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