Translation: It tastes like crap
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Freezerburns, the video channel dedicated to reviewing frozen food, samples frozen treats for dogs and cats.
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(Not sure why the little video icon isn't popping up there.)
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I think it's because you linked to the video on the channel page rather than the video itself.
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I've never seen Freezerburns before, but I'm really liking the host, Greg. I think it's mostly because he's not trying to be some wacky character like so many other people on Youtube. It's relaxing.
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Count me as a new fan as well. The Frozen Little Debby episode was great with my morning coffee.
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I'm disappointed he didn't even try to describe the flavors beyond "nasty." That seems like a necessary component of any food review. Foodies enjoy all sorts of things I would find disgusting-- how far could frozen pet food be from an episode of Iron Chef America? TELL US WHAT THEY TASTE LIKE, GREG. I certainly don't wanna eat them to find out. Was it bologna-flavored popsicles? Peanut butter and tuna fish? Old shoes and gouda?
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Okay, that comunion wafer review was funny. I like how the "healthy ones" were better than the other ones because it tasted like *something* - stale pie crust. :)

This almost makes me want to start a food review channel by my cats. Especially because the three of them have different preferences...
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Yeah, it didn't have to take seven minutes for a befauxhawked chubby guy with a tenuous understanding of English usage to try one of two items presented for review and not describe it beyond, "nasty."
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I think it was a case of an expression being worth any number of adjectives.
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The fancy pet food store I worked at carries doggie ice cream. I think it's from Nature's Variety (they do Prairie and Instinct.) Unlike that Purina garbage it at least looks kind of appetizing. It's molasses and sweet potato or something. Dogs seem to love it. Anyway, what I'm saying is I demand Greg try GOOD doggie ice cream. For science etc.
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Okay, I really appreciate what this guy is doing, as I have less and less time to cook these days. I also appreciate that he's probably angling for television here.

But for the love of all that's holy, give me a damned transcript. I can read the transcript of a four-minute video in about thirty seconds. And seriously, three reviews per "Older Reviews" page? This is downright user-unfriendly.

So win on the concept and the content, but epic fail on the mechanics of the site.
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Whenever I see these, I begin to think, "Wait a second, why would animals that have been largely domesticated in temperate/subtropic areas (IIRC) want food that is kept below freezing? Wouldn't the cold be strange and offputting to them?"

Then I realize that we, too, are animals, and yet we like ice cream. The sugar and fat are perfectly explainable, but why would we want it frozen with a nice mouthfeel?
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Also, pair it with this, which includes sampling of Beggin' Strips, along mostly horrifying human foods.
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Oh man. Once or twice a year someone links to "Steve, Don't Eat It," and I'm like, "Hmm.. what is this interesting link?" Then I recognize that It's the same collection I read first in... I have no idea... 1999? THEN I read it and chortle for half an hour and write like Steve for a few days.
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