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Somewhere between the ultimate physics simulator and a freeform 2-D version of Minecraft lies The Powder Toy, a free download for Windows, Mac, and Linux. With over 150 elements available to build from (and a full implementation of the game of life), users have built "working" electricity-generating reactors, rockets, and destructible city models. The Powder Toy is a variant on the venerable Falling Sand Game, the most impressive version of which is the Powder Game, now up to version 8, and playable online as a Java applet.

Some tips for The Powder Toy:

The Wiki is your best getting started guide.

The icon in the bottom left corner of the game lets you open gallery of other users creations that have been posted online. Starting on the second page, the gallery lists the top rated simulations.

Windows users, creating a shortcut that goes to "powder.exe kiosk" will run the game full screen.
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The particular nature of Powder Game doesn't exactly lend itself to video capture, but this is a perpetual motion ecosystem I created in it once.
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...World of Sand, with 150 elements?

There goes my evening.
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Damn. That's a tiny window.
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Jeez, it's like linerider with color.
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As the review says, the only limit is your imagination. Therefore it should be renamed Zombopowder.

(Anyone know in which game the first pixel sand effect was featured? It seems like a relatively new technique to me)
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Is this something I'd have to not be addicted to Minecraft already to understand?
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Minecraft piqued my interest but I never actually tried it. This looks pretty nifty though; I'll definitely give it a spin when I get home tonight.
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Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in.
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I can't get any of the simulations to work. They load but they don't do anything.
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empath - hit the Space bar to start/stop.
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Oh, nm, there's a pause button.
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One of my kids is all about Powder Game. I should download this and let him try it.
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Holy Jesus fuck. Be careful with life around explosives!
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This is pretty great. You can make bombs!
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Just what I need. I still haven't recovered from the Fantastic Contraption post in 2008. I still spend about 80% of my time online there. (Including at 'work')
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I don't even have time for the wiki! Holy crap, my experiment has gone critical! This Plutonium stuff is amazing. I'm watching its alpha decay set off a nearby mound of Uranium! It's Szilárd's mousetrap reaction! On my Mac! With a growing culture of nearby frogs!

"Today is a black day in the history of mankind." —Leo Szilard
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I have lost more time on this, or variations on this, than I would care to admit.

What I am trying to say blahblahblah, is damn you. Damn you.
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Want fullscreen on a Mac? I made a simple AppleScript and compiled it into application. It does basically the same thing as blahblahblah's "kiosk" shortcut suggestion on Windows. Place the app in the same folder as Powder and, provided you didn't rename that app, it'll launch it in kiosk mode. I don't know what the best way is to host this but if you want it... MeMail me and I'll get it to you.
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Oh hell, no PPC version for my ancient Quad G5 Mac. I am obsolete as of MacOS X 10.6.
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The Winsome Parker Lewis: ./powder-x kiosk in Terminal causes Powder Toy to run fullscreen in a weird yellow-colored monochrome palette on my Macbook Air. Are you doing something drastically different? Can you MeMail me your script?
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