maps of famous journeys in history and fiction
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Wanderlust: GOOD Magazine, in collaboration with Graham Roberts, maps the most famous journeys in history - some fiction, some non-fiction. Wanderlust includes trips like Around the World in 80 Days and Journey to the Center of the Earth to the voyages of Marco Polo and Charles Lindbergh's transatlantic flight. However, it's not just a map with journey lines on it; Wanderlust is a history lesson. Select a trip for a summary and explore highlights of the journey.
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I hoped this would be really cool, but after looking at the info on marco polo, I believe I could have learned more from glossing over the back cover of a book. 3 tiny entries over a barely recognizable map!

Could have been so great :(
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Needs Rimbaud's final days in Africa.
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The individual trip details might not go very deep, but the front page is great. I'm a big map nerd, and I love seeing the underlying paths for these historical/fictional events.

The Amelia Earhart path brought out a fact I hadn't realized before -- She really did not want to fly over water, if at all possible. Now I wonder why she didn't fly up towards the Bering Strait to cross the Pacific.
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