The KO Hip Hop Cello-Beatbox Experience
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Cellist Kevin Olusola incorporated beatboxing into a piece called Julie-O.

Kevin's bio in the first link makes me feel completely inadequate.
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Hmm. I know better cellists and have heard better beatboxers. I suppose the combination is somewhat unusual though.
posted by cbrody at 3:38 PM on April 18, 2011

I was preparing some snark about surprise at the incorporation of otherwise established musical elements into a stereotypically stodgy medium, but then he started beatboxing while I was enjoying his nice cello piece.
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And in related cellist news: Yo-Yo Ma and Lil Buck Perform "The Swan"‎ (filmed by director Spike Jonze).
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I have to say this is not only a great performance of of Mark Summer's Julie-O, but it's an outstanding demonstration of musicianship and musicality. It was a joy to watch.
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This is great, thank you for posting gman.
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As a lover of both traditional music and beatboxing, this was a lot better than I expected it to be. Olusola did a great job combining the two and his performance was a pleasure to watch, too.
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I'm assuming the "knocking" sound is coming from him? But I can't tell how he's achieving it.
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Hmm. I know better cellists and have heard better beatboxers. I suppose the combination is somewhat unusual though.

Perhaps you could point to some videos of better cellists and/or beatboxers, or at least give us some critique on what you disliked, instead of just shitting in the thread? I thought it was a beautiful, engaging, moving piece and I think he's an excellent cellist. Clearly I don't have the experience in judging cellists that you do.
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@starvingartist: I think KO's very talented, but not at the level of many professional cellists attempting to eke out a living playing far greater music than this particular video shows. That said I enjoyed it for what it was.
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I am super impressed - I can barely play vocals and guitar in Rock Band at the same time. Thanks a lot for sharing.
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So more or less, cbrody, your comments can be boiled down to "some people play cello better than he does."

Thanks for that input.
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It sounds like an NPR interstitial.
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@cbrody and others – I think there's something to be said for people who bend the genre of cello playing for new and diverse audiences.
While I agree that there are some classical cellists that are indeed better than this player, I dare say that his combination of cello and beatboxing virtuosity is preferable than many other pieces I have heard and seen played, even if said pieces are indeed performed at a higher technical level.

He really brings out the soul and rhythm of the piece, and I do love his playing. Or maybe it's just that I'm having a horrible day and his playing really warmed my heart.

Thanks gman!
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True story- today, I went to my two music lessons: beatboxing class, and my cello lesson. I basically want to grow up to be this guy. I'm going to start practicing both a whole lot harder.

Thanks for sharing!
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Great coordination.

Like the musical version of rubbing tummy while patting head.

I'd love to be able to "brain scan*" this guy compared to someone who's good at viola trying to beatbox compared to someone who's good at beatboxing trying to play the viola.

*fMRI isn't possible; the metal in the viola strings + constrained environment in an MRI machine. EEG/EKG is too imprecise. I wonder if TMS experiments could be done; turn off different areas thought to be associated with language vs. music and see if he can still do his thang? Don't know if partial brocca's inactivation is possible (dual-language speakers use light up slightly spatially different parts of Brocca's and Wernicke's depending on which language they're working with. Also depends on which one is learned first).
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Nice! Thanks, gman.
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