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What we do is what we do. The brand new DEVO video takes the crowd-sourcing/focus-grouping element of their album Something For Everybody to the music video world. It's a 360-degree video where the user can control the camera. (For the lazy among us, there's also a "random" button that moves from shot to shot.) The link also includes a brief interview with DEVO co-founder/video co-director Gerald V. Casale.
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I didn't love Something for Everybody, but this is pretty great.
posted by anazgnos at 10:19 AM on April 19, 2011

I pretty quickly found a camera position that I was happy to stick with.
posted by Wolfdog at 10:24 AM on April 19, 2011 [1 favorite]

This is a feature I'd actually love to see in sports coverage and video of concerts. I hate looking at one band member and having the camera cut away without my wanting to. Even the ability to see each camera's individual feed would be great.
posted by LSK at 10:38 AM on April 19, 2011

Oh thank you thank you thank you. This is great... never can get my fill of these guys.
posted by kinnakeet at 10:38 AM on April 19, 2011

I love the shape of the "play" button.
posted by Ratio at 11:45 AM on April 19, 2011

This is fantastic. I wasn't at all interested in Something For Everybody when it came out, but seeing them live and watching this video have reminded me how much I like them. The music makes less sense to me when it's not integrated with the rest of the performance.
posted by immlass at 12:12 PM on April 19, 2011

I love the shape of the "play" button.

Without looking at the link I am going to guess that it is in the shape of a Devo hat??
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nailed it
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Love Devo, do I.
posted by Splunge at 1:43 PM on April 19, 2011

This makes me as happy as a happy spud can be.
posted by SansPoint at 2:51 PM on April 19, 2011

And, if you've got 200 bucks to spare on shipping, you can get one of the poster props (one of the two Jell-O ones). Neat!
posted by Rev. Syung Myung Me at 2:54 PM on April 19, 2011

Still the pioneers, after all these years.

Watch and learn, kids. Watch and learn.
posted by Capt. Renault at 3:22 PM on April 19, 2011

I did love Something for Everybody and this is great.

Watch Us Work It sounds like they never left.

But Don't Shoot I'm A Man! is a better video.
posted by The Whelk at 5:27 PM on April 19, 2011

Makes me wonder what the Smart Patrol game would be like if it had been done now instead of in the mid-1990's!
posted by luckynerd at 7:27 PM on April 19, 2011

Thanks for this! Something For Everybody was the soundtrack of my summer last year. I'm probably going to waste so much time looking for easter eggs in this video, it's not even funny.
posted by Strange Interlude at 1:12 PM on April 20, 2011

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