Bad Politics, Worse Prose
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Famous dictators and the books/poetry they write.

Some additional reading for those who are so inclined:

Benito Mussolini's The Doctrine Of Fascism
Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars
And of course, on his birthday, Adolph Hitler's Mein Kampf
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O freddled gruntbuggly thy micturations are to me

As plured gabbleblochits on a lurgid bee.

Groop, I implore thee my foonting turlingdromes.

And hooptiously drangle me with crinkly bindlewurdles,

Or I will rend thee in the gobberwarts with my blurlecruncheon, see if I don’t.

(by Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz)
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*fighting nausea, almost passing out* That was... amazing. Such a grasp of...
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Even an animal respects a man's desire, if it wants to copulate with him. Doesn't a female bear try to please a herdsman when she drags him into the mountains as it happens in the North of Iraq?

The answer to this question is "no."

The response to the starting statement is "I will just go stand over here, if you don't mind."
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Yeah... still processing the rest of that Zabiba and the King excerpt...

Um, thanks, gman?

(seriously: very interesting article)
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Karl Marx Love Poems.
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This reminds me of celebrities who branch out and record mediocre albums. If I had a pile of money I'd pursue other interests too! Except for the murderous dictatorship part.
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This Is Just To Say

I have annexed
the Sudetenland
that was rightfully

and which
you were probably
for Czechoslovakia

Forgive me
it was delicious
so essential
and so preliminary
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Interesting - thank you. I'd heard about Stalin having dabbled in poetry, but had never seen any examples of his work. Presumably this helps explain why he took such a keen interest in the fates of Mandelshtam, et al.
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Maybe not a dictator per se, but the prison diary of Ho Chi Minh is pretty interesting.
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Shithead Mao (*spit*) was a poet too. Supposedly not too bad at it.
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Hilters Mein Kampf (my struggle) is his only decent well thought out book, and was mostly for the followers of national socialism.
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You know who else wrote books/poetry?
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Excellent use of the 420 tag.
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Famous dictators and the wars they lost.
Famous dictators and the songs they liked.
Famous dictators and the gardens they grew.
Famous dictators and the games they played.
Famous dictators and the toys they didn't share.
Famous dictators and the palaces they called home.
Famous dictators and the hamburgers they enjoyed.
Famous dictators and the other hobbies that they pursued.
Famous dictators and the hairstyles that made them unique.
Famous dictators and the professions of the mothers that loved them.
Famous dictators and the children's books that made them the men they were.
Famous dictators and the objects that were found on their dead bodies.
Famous dictators and the bodies they hid inside of objects.
Famous dictators and the stories they told at parties.
Famous dictators and the wacky pranks they pulled.
Famous dictators and the dresses they dressed in.
Famous dictators and their roommates in college.
Famous dictators and the decrees they dictated.
Famous dictators and the toys they didn't share.
Famous dictators and the paintings they made.
Famous dictators and the dances they danced.
Famous dictators and the pets they loved.
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Poems by Mao :
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Open the door of the tavern and let us go there day and night,
For I am sick and tired of the mosque and seminary.
I have torn off the garb of asceticism and hypocrisy,
Putting on the cloak of the tavern-hunting shaykh and becoming aware.
The city preacher has so tormented me with his advice
That I have sought aid from the breath of the wine-drenched profligate.
Leave me alone to remember the idol-temple,
I who have been awakened by the hand of the tavern's idol.

--Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

I'd read more of his stuff.
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. If I had a pile of money I'd pursue other interests too! Except for the murderous dictatorship part.

It's tough in these economic times. I keep saving up but just never have quite enough to branch out into the murderous dictator field.
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There has always been an odd resonance between dictators and creative expression. They both evoke metaphors designed to capture the imagination.

If defined by sheer the number of copies published, Chairman Mao was the most successful poet in human history (if you don't count The Bible as poetry, which is possibly debatable).

(Here is a link to Wikipedia's List of Best Selling Books as interpreted in April 2010. The current Wikipedia list excludes The Bible, The Koran, Mao, etc, because, as we know, the numbers of copies printed were vague estimates, not "facts"; and also because these numbers of copies printed were often not technically "sold", and therefore not technically "Best Selling").
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The poetry of Radovan Karadzic.

there are about 16 more but it makes me quesy to post them all.
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