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Earlier this month a pair of red-tailed hawks built a nest at NYU's Bobst Library, outside the window of the office of University President John Sexton. Bobby and Violet (named after the Library and NYU's school color) have been sitting on three eggs for the last month, with a webcam running a live feed. Based on a photo taken last night and analysis from hawk experts, it is believed that at least one of the eggs has begun hatching.
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Cool, thank you, love raptor cams!

I have a male redtail who sometimes perches on my (NYC) office window ledge, a few floors above a grassy quad full of juicy squirrels and pigeons. As a hunter myself, I am in awe of him.
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Here are some nice falcons hatching live in Brussels Cathedral, too, as part of a project by the Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences.
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Thanks for posting XQUZYPHYR. I needed a new raptor cam since my favorite eagles just had some really bad luck.
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I just love this time of year, what with all the nest cams. Yay!
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My neighbourhood block has a resident family of red shouldered hawks, mostly thanks to our massive gopher population, and they're one of my favorite things about living in Southern California. One landed in our back yard avocado tree a few weeks back, but that's the closest I've managed to get to one, despite them being fairly unafraid of people. It's great to be able to see something usually so out of reach, so close. Great link, great use of a webcam.
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Damn, archivist. What crappy news.
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You can look at this year's brood of peregrine falcons in San Francisco, up on the PG&E building, here. There are three of them and they're sitting up and stuff. They look remarkably reptilian at this age, despite the downy fluff.
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Look now! Look now! (They are both there, she's off the eggs, I see nothing hatched.)
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Aaaand she's settled back in.
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you know John Sexton is going to use this to leverage his GLOBAL LAW SCHOOL nonsense or some such shit
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Now I know what I'm doing with my day off. This is great.
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These guys set up home on an office building here in Cambridge last year, and they came back about a month ago. Last spring when they had chicks the road traffic was a mess - all the cars were rubbernecking, wondering why there was a huge group of people with telephoto lenses camped on the building's lawn.
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I loves me some hawk-cams. Last I looked she appeared to be napping.
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Visible eggs! She's up!
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She rearranged them all, now she's settled in and is wiggling around on them.
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That window is probably right next to the QL696 call number shelves.
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None of the eggs appear to be hatching.
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The veteran pair at The Franklin Institute have three fuzzy li'l guys in the nest right now.
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Here's a link to a couple of webcams in peregrine falcons' nests in The Netherlands. Check out the chicks in Zwolle! Mom appears to be out hunting at this moment - no sign of dad, so the chicks are unprotected...
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Oh wait, mom is waiting outside (cam 2)!
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Mom has made a kill and is feeding the chicks!

Raptor cams are awesome!
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Looks like the eggs are duds this season, so no baby hawks for the university pres. to look at.
posted by rtha at 4:00 PM on May 3, 2011

Wait! Not all duds!

I'm starting to feel like ericb.
posted by rtha at 8:41 AM on May 6, 2011

aww heck yeah!
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The little dude looks like a bobblehead. He can't even keep his head straight.
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Uh, the mom is sitting on the baby now. Is that... supposed to happen? I mean it's hatched and everything.
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Yup, that's as it should be. Chicks can't really thermoregulate at this stage, so their parents keep them warm. They won't get squished or suffocate.
posted by rtha at 4:31 PM on May 6, 2011

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