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Storify is a new social media platform that makes it easy to assemble and winnow Flickr photos, tweets, Facebook posts, Google search results and URLS into a coherent story. It went into public beta on April 25th.

Previously: FPPs based on private beta storifies, @MayorEmmanuel and Curator of the Revolution.
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At the first link, it says "Here's how I used Storify to create this post." But I don't see where the "here's how" part is. Am I missing something?
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I like this.
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All I could think of while reading this was the recent stories about the CIA/FBI using social media to "create personas with a deep backstory". And don't forget viral marketing.
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Could we please add Storify to the list of social app links that we can display on our profiles? tia

Just getting that out of the way.
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> At the first link, it says "Here's how I used Storify to create this post." But I don't see where the "here's how" part is. Am I missing something?

Yeah, I had that too. Switching browsers might help, or not. I guess they haven't had the time to do any testing, or something.
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With every new "social media" "platform" that comes out, I'm amazed that there's anything left to scrape at the bottom of the barrel. Or that there's any nounify or verbr names that can still be used with a straight face.

Sadly new tech has made these things so cheap to build that when this bubble pops, it will have sucked in so little money (at least compared to last time) that almost no one who doesn't live on the internet will notice.
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So...it puts a bunch of stuff on a page?
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It makes it a lot easier to assemble social media elements into a story. The end result may not look much different than any blog post or web page, but it's a lot easier to get there with a drag and drop interface.

The first link Storify has all kinds of tweets, flickr photos, facebook pages, search results, etc. In the Storify interface, you have a search screen on your left with buttons for each of those. You look through results and drag any you like into your story on the right. It preserves attribution, automates lick through to the source, andgenerally saves a lot of hassle.
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Actually, it automates click through to the source. But lick through might be kind of fun, too.
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It seems you have to have a twitter account to use this?
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Not sure. I signed up on a different email account, but forgot I had a different twitter on that one.
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So, if I understand this right, this is essentially a great way to document internet drama that spans over multiple mediums?
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Aren't there any other sites that do this kind of thing?
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So any amateur can make a 'story' that is as empty as any superficially-researched story? So how's that a plus for the web? Doesn't that just make it harder to find stuff that has real nutritional value? There aren't enough vacuous empty-headed cottonCandy sources already?
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Prostituting your private life has never been this fun!
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Yes, this will make it easier for idiots to make web posts using social media. Why, we ought to hate on InDesign -- it enables so many fools to create magazines and websites! And word processors, hey when people had to TYPE slowly and methodically, there was so much less bad writing in the world.
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I have to say it was pretty handy for the unfolding storyline on twitter in the Sean Powers laptop post. I guess it's pretty nice to be able to extract a narrative easily from huge heaps of random babble.
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