"in the street, in a store, in a kitchen or bedroom"
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Starting in the summer of 2009, Southern Souls began by capturing unique performances by musicians that call southern Ontario home. Seeing musicians play in the places that they live and breathe, places they themselves have chosen—in the street, in a store, in a kitchen or bedroom—is almost a homecoming for the music itself, returning it to the places in which it started.
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Well, there's no Bunchofuckingoofs playing in the gutter in front of that dive on Baldwin in Kensington Market we used to call "the Greek's," so I guess they're not trying very hard.

Kidding. This is excellent. The RAA one's great. Everyone go watch my sorta cousin Jimmy playing "Raised All Wrong" in his kitchen.
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Ah, it says something about how long I've been away from the Motherland that I only recognize a handful of these folks. Yay Southwestern Ontario! Mostly intolerant, conservative, and an unending hell for a queer teenager of an ethnic minority…but yeah, it's home, I guess.
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I liked several of these; thanks for posting. Olenka's stuff had a very plaintive touch.
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These are really nice, thank you! They just need to have a session with Basia Bulat now, she is fantastic.
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I highly recommend Make Your Exit's acapella performance of the amazing Zeus song River By the Garden (SLYT...live performance, best I could find quickly).

This has become one of my favourite songs ever. It's rock/blues at its most basic and reverent. Reminds of Bring It On Home by Led Zeppelin. The acapella version is almost as good.
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