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FLicKeR [1h9m] is a documentary about Brion Gysin and his Dreammachine, a motorized sculpture made to be viewed with one's eyes closed. It features interviews from Marianne Faithful, DJ Spooky, Iggy Pop, and Genesis P-Orridge, among others.

Brion Gysin (previously, and previously) was a multi-faceted artist, poet, and inventor who may be best known for his work with William S Burroughs, including collaborating on pioneering the cut-up method.

You can find a browser based Dreammachine-esque simulator online. [Warning: possible seizure trigger.]
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Not available in Canada.
posted by stinkycheese at 9:14 AM on May 5, 2011

There's a Dream Machine iPhone app, too. Yeah.
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Not available in Canada.

Oh no! Boo, hiss!

I wish there was some kind of reporting of availability which was required by websites who engage in this kind of practice.

My apologies to anyone who cannot view this video. If the mods feel lack of universal availability makes it delete-worthy, please take my FPP down.
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It's a good post, don't get me wrong. I loved the links I could see. It's just a major bummer the main link appears to be U.S. only.
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Maybe a google video search will find one you can view in CA, stinkycheese.
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I built a dream machine in the early 90s. Worked pretty well, but the sound of the ancient turntable it sat on was always a bit of a distraction. It had never occurred to me that there'd be an online version by now, so thanks for the tip.
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This reads so close to the post I was going to make that I just had a kind vertigo. But I wasn't able to find a free copy so I didn't post it. Thanks, hippybear.
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If Canadians are very put out I'd be glad to throw one of the videos I've made lately that use this effect up on the YouTubes. Been doing a fair bit of VJing lately and, inspired by my copy of "Chapel of Extreme Experience" and this one fence I used to walk by that would give me leg-wobbling psychedelic shocks, I've been incorporating 10Hz flicker into evvvvvvvvvvverything.
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Canada folks might be able to view at Ubuweb

(also known as the best website ever)
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I built a Brain Machine. It works.
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Can someone who has used a physical Dreammachine confirm or deny that the online / iPhone versions have a similar effect?
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Wasn't something like this a device used to drive people insane in a bunch of Michael Moorcock stories?
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Metafilter: a motorized sculpture made to be viewed with one's eyes closed
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