In Soviet Russia, MosFilm posts YOU(tube)
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"Legendary" Russian movie studio Mosfilm is posting some it's most famous films on its youtube channel. They will be posting 5 new legendary Soviet films per week. They expect to have 200 uploaded by end of year. Most have English subtitles.

For old school, there's Tarkovsky: Andrey Rublev Part I, Part 2

For something more light-hearted, try Ivan Vassilievich Changes Profession

Something later, say on the eve of Perestroika, more to your taste? ASSASSIN OF THE TSAR!!

Let NPR fill you in on more more of the story here
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I recommend the absurd science fiction comedy Kin-dza-dza!
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Wha-wha-what? OMG this is such excellent news. I adore Ivan Vassilievich Changes Profession. If it wasn't two thirty in the morning in a house full of sleeping roommates, I'd be firing a few of these up right now - thank you so much for posting this!
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Hello to my fellow protein crystallographers who did a double take when they saw this post..
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Speaking of the best of soviet comedies, check out The Diamond Arm (boy does that title sound better in Russian).

I grew up watching a lot of these on the Russian channels on Israeli cable, and they really did put up some masterpieces. The vast majority of the movies that are up there is really worth anyone's time.

Harald74: I was super disappointed to find out they haven't actually put up Kind-dza-dza! It's the one movie that has escaped me.
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I can highly recommend Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession (Wikipedia article). Brilliant comedy. I've watched it too many times, but every time I watch it again I find new and new things lo laugh at. It is literally stuffed with gags and references to soviet life of those times (which was certainly amusing at some points), and I consider it one of the pillars of Soviet film making.
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Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession? Ooo, Mikhail Bulgakov!

/theater nerd
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anateus: I hope they get to it. Why this film evaded the censorship I don't know, but it's worth watching even now.
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I'm going to start at the top of The LiveJournal Russian Top 100 as found on, which I found in a MeFi comment the other day.
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Bozhe moi, the 1972 Ruslan and Ludmila is on youtube. I'd given up hope of finding it and confirming whether it was really as weird as I remember.
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Great news. It's always time for Tarkovsky.
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Thanks very much for this. I've been wanting to watch some of these for ages.
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What, how...why?!? Am I dreaming?
They've got Solaris, Ivan's Childhood, the Mirror...

And they aren't broken into 10 minute segments either. Someone pinch me.
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For some reason Andrei Rublev just doesn't feel right on YouTube.
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Oh jettloe, I weep. That was awful.
(Still, I have no shame, and hunt my Tarkovskian fix where I can find it)
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Okay, this is really excellent. Man, I have too many movies to watch and not enough time.
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Wow, this is amazing.
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