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Washington Monthly, May-June 2011 That's recent. Other mentions of course previously
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Tufts is great but this is kind of an odd way to post about him. -- cortex

oh boy, can I make a snarky comment about how this doesn't make sense ?
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I think hank is trying to revolutionize how we see data posts.
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How about this:

"It was a classic Tufte moment: a spontaneous and undiplomatic assessment that immediately struck everyone in the room, even the designer himself, as undeniably true. The site would get a wholesale redesign. Meet Edward Tufte, the graphics guru to the power elite who is revolutionizing how we see data. With obligatory shout-out to the Minard map of the French invasion of Russia."

(mods, you can take that for the FPP text. It's on me.)

Pro-tip: no need to point out the exceedingly obvious fact that bimonthly publications often come out during the first of the two months, yet bear both months in the date line. "Magazines... from the future!"
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It looks like you're trying to make a post. Do you want me to help you? Y/N
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Unicorned when he should've narwhaled, perhaps.
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