Zhang Xiao
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Photographs of China from Zhang Xiao.
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The photos are wonderfully composed. The coastline pictures echo Gerhard Richter's Seascapes - the ocean is powerful and mysterious - despite (or because) all the people scattered along the beach.
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These are so impressive. I'm not done browsing, but two that made my jaw drop: Sunken Boat and Handsome Men.
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These are a wonderful window into a world completely unknown to me. The snapshot/toy camera vérité aesthetic, with no context or explanation, makes for a nice Sunday afternoon exploration from my desk.
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There is a small amount of commentary/explanation in this article, along with confirmation that he's using a Holga.
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On his flickr page it says he's also using a Kodak scanner that goes for $5000 US. I love Holga shots in the hands of a truely gifted photographer and I wish I had such an expensive scanner, too!
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