For now, enough volunteers and food
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For now, enough volunteers and food This was reiterated in a press conference this morning: "Agencies that had requested new volunteers are now reporting they have sufficient numbers of volunteers to accomplish their work. Agencies that have requested in-kind donations of goods and supplies have likewise received as much material support as they can immediately manage."
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It looks like there *is* still need for heavy equipment:

While some local papers are still listing a need for various supplies (,, the NY Times refers to the NYC web site.
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Can some of these extra resources perhaps be directed toward the homeless or needy in NYC?
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I believe they already are -- *however,* remember, you're taking people who should be helping with the WTC effort directly and diverting that resource toward dealing with the overflow.

Resources for homeless/needy should be going straight to those organizations -- so if you're in a giving mood, contact City Harvest, God's Love We Deliver, or the like.
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