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Stunning footage of the tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri. Not much in the way of visuals here but the audio will send a chill down your spine. Keep these folks in your thoughts, there's another line of severe weather headed their way.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: we've got an open thread and related news about the same thing pretty much needs to go into that thread. -- jessamyn

maybe take a gander two posts down???
posted by spicynuts at 7:30 AM on May 23, 2011

Tag system should have caught this one, too.
posted by DU at 7:32 AM on May 23, 2011

I saw that post... Just wanted to add the additional footage and a minor update.
posted by shawnwasson at 7:32 AM on May 23, 2011

Then why didn't you just post it in the thread?
posted by dunkadunc at 7:34 AM on May 23, 2011

That's not how MeFi works.
posted by DU at 7:34 AM on May 23, 2011

I should have... you're right... Mods, if you want to yank this, I'll add the updates to the previous thread... apologies.
posted by shawnwasson at 7:35 AM on May 23, 2011

lemuring posted the same video here in the other thread
posted by jjoye at 7:44 AM on May 23, 2011

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