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Kaydara is a French-made Matrix fan film, released on the 21st of May 2011, which has been noted for the high quality of its special effects. The entire 55-minute film is now available to stream for free from its site.

The film follows a bounty hunter who does not believe in the prophecy of "The One." Apparently, it was made by two reclusive Frenchmen in the mountains of France.
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I kind of wish the Wachowski brothers had moved to the mountains of France in 2003.
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idiopath: The first couple of minutes certainly seem that way, yes.
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I don't know what the relationship might be, but Kaydara software is a francophone enterprise that had an office in Montreal, and provided some of the most sophisticated MOCAP tools out there. Their tools, I believe, were used in the making of the Matrix films.

So this might not be a wannabe fan project, but rather an exercise by the masterful originators of some of these special effects.
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bahahaah excellent and funny! the bazillion dollars hollywood moviemakers are crying for the lost opportunitah!
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Ahhhh! The Matrix Runs on Windows is pretty good. (Link found on second link in FPP.)

Love the ending line!
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Really impressive stuff indeed...

At first I thought it was shot in French and then dubbed into English, as some of the dialogue and acting was pretty poor (the little brother, for starters) but I can't immediately see anything to support that theory in the production notes - I've not had a chance to watch the Making Of's yet. I guess that while the foley was great, if they weren't working with professional actors, the looping might have been flawed.

Some of the fight sequences were excellent, and I really enjoyed the idea of Kaydara and Neo fighting each other and the agents at the same time...

It's so exciting to see this kind of stuff coming out. In a similar way to the way the music industry is developing, once decent digital distribution channels come together which have a method of rewarding the creators financially (a la Bandcamp, et al for music), Hollywood really ought to be shaking in its boots...
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benzo8: IIRC they list voiceover artists for each of the characters in the credits.
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wow... how weird....

I used to work at Kaydara in Mtl. We provided the software to control the camera for the bullet time sequence in Matrix 1 and mocap/camera tracking software for the sequels.

Kaydara is supposed to be an african god of time. They chose that name since initally the goal of the company was to go into real time control software for different devices in the entertainment industry. This being Mtl there were a lot of ex Softimage/Discreet people and they ended specializing in mocap and retargeting of animation data.

None of the people mentionned on the site ring a bell though so it's probably just a fluke.
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