Music like shattered glass
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Kashiwa Daisuke is a japanese post-rock musician, (formerly in Yodaka) who specializes in gorgeous, epic, glitchy piano pieces that constantly seem on the verge of falling apart... Stella, April 02, Write Once, Run Melos are my favorites.
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Empath - amazing. Gorgeous music. I'm going to see about using it in an upcoming one-act play I'm writing for a series in September.
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ooh, nifty. It's like BT's This Binary Universe meets 65daysofstatic.

I like this a lot.
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If anybody wants to recommend similar artists, I'd love to hear them. I've already found World's End Girlfriend, which is also good.
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I'm vaguely hungover this morn. This stuff is exactly what I deserve. And I mean that in a good, non-masochistic way.
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Just beautiful. Thanks so much for this post! (it's kind of but not quite like Mono and FSOL decided to hang out)
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This is wonderful.

(My favorite World's End Girlfriend song)
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Thank you so much for this, empath. It's precisely what I needed today, and makes me so very happy.
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Okay, I'll give this a listen when I finish the new Zomby stream.
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(My favorite World's End Girlfriend song )

That is amazing. More please.
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I need to spend more time listening to that, for sure. The early part of "Stella" had me thinking of James Blake and late-period Talk Talk, but with plenty of other stuff in the mix. Interesting.
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Maybe a touch of Cinematic Orchestra, too.
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I love this kind of music. He's got one album on Rdio. So far what I've heard is awfully far from "rock", way more like classical than (say) Sigur Ros.
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Wow! Didn't expect to see Kashiwa Daisuke here. He's a really cool artist. I have his 2nd album, Program Music I, but haven't kept up with his new stuff the way I should. Now seems like a good time...

If you like Daisuke Kashiwa or World's End Girlfried, you should look into Palmless Prayer/Mass Murder Refrain, which is a collab album between World's End Girlfriend and Mono. It's dark, hypnotic, and graceful; check it out, if you dig that sort of stuff.
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My god, I'm not even done listening to Stella yet...but this is so so so so beautiful.
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It's like BT's This Binary Universe

Which brings up the topic of stutter edits and BT's plugin...

Are there other easy ways to get the effect? I've done some similar things using convoluted DAT machine setups, but didn't find it practical, and I'm hearing stutter edit-ish effects in more places, so I'm assuming that either the plugin is finding its way various places or there's other practical techniques. Anybody know?
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Glitch vst
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I knew I hadn't made a mistake joining MF - a better class of music lover altogether!
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wow. stella is amazing.
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Thanks, empath, this is great stuff.
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How did you know it would be pouring rain today.
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I want this on my iPod. Where can I download it?
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In the US. Legally, if possible.
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Weston, can you explain more of what you mean?

Stutteredit is a group of things that predominantly fall into a couple of categories:

The first is just a bundle of regular effects: a filter, a delay, some bit-crusher stuff, etc., with a "changing over time" control for the effects that makes things vary over a bar or whatever interval you want. So all these effects are available separately, and any software effect can be automated in various ways by any host.

The other half of it is a buffer chopper/shuffle effect. There are lots of similar things: for Live, check out their Beat Repeat effect. It doesn't have quite the level of control as Stutteredit, but it can do some pretty neat stuff (and I know that there are some effects racks people have put together with several Beat Repeats in parallel and series for more complicated stuff). If you're using Max for Live, try the included Buffer Shuffler. Also look up Trance Gate effects for a more simplified kind of thing - they don't do the reordering but sometimes some complex cutting in and out is plenty.

But if you tell me more about which aspect of Stutteredit and in what way you'd like to use it, I should be able to help you find something. Mail me if you like. Stutteredit doesn't do anything new, but the package is nice.

(Oh, and some of the effects from Twisted Tools look pretty great.)
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Good stuff here, thanks for the post.
Would second the Mono rec in terms of mood/scope and would second the James Blake rec in terms of some of the stylistic sound elements and would second the Iceland nod as well. Reminded me of the 'Angels of the Universe' soundtrack by Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, a little.
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I want this on my iPod. Where can I download it?

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Wonderful, thank you. Now I know how to spend those thirty bucks of itunes gift certs I have left over from clueless holiday gift givers.
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Hey, nice surprise to see Kashiwa on MeFi. I've been a fan for a long time.

One interesting bit about him: Back when nobody knew him and he was selling CD-Rs of his work, Ryuichi Sakamoto (of Yellow Magic Orchestra fame) came across his CD-R and liked it enough to air on his Radio SAKAMOTO show, which helped launch his music career.

Sakamoto was famous for Kraftwerky synth-pop in the 80's, but now does a lot of soundtracks, and classical/ambient along similar lines as Kashiwa Daisuke. Fans of Kashiwa might dig Sakamoto's collaboration with Fennesz, Cendre.
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Randomly enough, I first heard of this guy from a Starcraft player's stream. He played April 02 all the time, and every time he plays it, the chat explodes with people wanting to know the name of it.
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Fantastic. Thank you.
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I can't figure out if I like this or not. He comes up with beautiful phrases, and then destroys them before seeing them through to their conclusions. It's like being eternally teased.
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I'm sorry, but this is the Yanni of glitch.
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I can kind of hear what you're saying -- it can be a bit overly sweet and musak-y at times, but I don't mind cheese now and again, and he generally works against it as soon as he establishes some kind of traditional melody, and Write Once, Run Melos is a lot more -- disorienting? Unconventional? Don't know how I would put it exactly.
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For something else that approaches Yanni but (I think) works much better is Harold Budd's last album.
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There's only one album there. Amazon has another, but neither of them include Stella, which is the song I'm mainly interested in....
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I can only find CDs for sale. I guess your option is filestube or ordering the CD.
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You might also enjoy the Goldberg Variations Variations (not a typo).
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See also: Venetian Snares album/personal soundtrack My Downfall (streaming on MySpace), especially if you like more chaos mixed into your soft sounds.
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