The Films of Damon Packard
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SkateBang, TJ Hooker Intro, World on a Wire Trailer, The Last Chase Trailer, and Early 70s Horror Trailer are among the more accessible works by Damon Packard, an experimental filmmaker who’s been working since the early 1980s. Most of his oeuvre is posted on his YouTube Channel. His longer works tend to consist of original footage spliced into re-edits of existing films. Here are some scenes from the still incomplete Foxfur, his most recent work.
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1982 was a post-response time marker for the chronological stream, the real date is August 14th 1979.

" It's the conflicts of manipulated realties"

I know.
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TJ HOOKER remains the best of the Star Trek spin-offs. With lines like, "Becoming another scrambled mind with a question mark for a future ..." who needs a NEXT GENERATION?
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That TJ Hooker clip is hilarious.
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I need a cigarette after the TJ Hooker wrestling clip.
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I starred in a film, The New Prophet, that's going to be edited by Damon Packard. It's not finished yet and he didn't direct it. I spent an intense week in a country town, pretending to get possessed by aliens and demons, becoming a garbage bag monster, and shouting poetry to endless valleys. It ended with an 8 hour drive through the dark, with our one copy of the precious footage. We made it through strange obstacles and eventually the film got to Packard in LA. It was amazing, and I hope something comes out of it.

The newest trailer is here, and there's also an older one. I'm the long-haired wizard/poet figure.
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Wait, a Damon Packard FPP without a reference to SPACE DISCO ONE, the sequel to LOGAN'S RUN/1984 and XANADU or something?

Or the completely mindbending WTF of REFLECTIONS OF EVIL?
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He's doing a version of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

Space Disco One looks amazing. There's something so appealing about Packard's vision. The idea that normal life could just burst out into a laser shooting, supernormal wonderland.
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Links to Space Disco One and Reflections of Evil appear under the "His longer works ..." text above. I didn't try to describe them because I think they're indescribable.
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