Samegame Fighter
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Tuesday Flash Fun: Samegame Fighter, a turn-based RPG puzzle game.

Match swords and axes to attack, shields to defend, and potions to heal. The purple orbs increase the value of the next thing you click. More games at Hojimaka. Their RPG spin on minesweeper previously. Via the routinely excellent Sawbuck Gamer column at The AV Club.
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Gah. I can get to the troll (level 5?) but consistently screw up and can't manage to do enough damage before I tile lock. Definitely a fun quick diversion though.
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I'm hitting 0 to get the Mute thing to come up but it's not muting. Am I doing something wrong, or is the mute feature broken?

(Other than that, it's pretty cool.)
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Oh nevermind, I just had to hit - multiple times to turn the volume down. Derp.
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The troll took me a lot of tries. I eventually managed it when I realized I didn't need to worry about health or defense, and only choosing those tiles in order to set up large sword/axe combos.
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No, that didn't mute it. (Mods, feel free to delete this and the one above it. I feel like an idiot.)
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It helped a lot to realize that you can take health potions at max HP- it raises your HP above the starting total, so it's not a waste and it lets you set up better combos.

Starting tile options does make a difference, so don't be afraid to hit G to give up a few times if you have a weak stack. (The last boss took several tries).
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That Cyclops, though. Good lord.
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Key to the cyclops seems to be getting lucky enough to have a big clump up purple and green so you can up your health boost to around 30 then armor up. Then you can defeat him by doing 4ish power up, 6ish weapons twice. You basically only need to attack him 2 or 3 times.

I had the hardest time with the Red Wyrm. The fire going through defenses makes it a long game of hoping to keep enough health, some d for the other attack while trying to stab away at that 50hp before you die.
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For the cyclops, I powered up, attacked, and then healed, then repeat. I had to try a few times to get it, though.

I figured something out in the last round: The power boost doesn't stack. That helped a lot.
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If you like this and have an iWhatsit, check out the (pretty amazing) Dungeon Raid.
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Yes Dungeon Raid is a very cool game
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That's a lot more fun that it looks like it's going to be right when it loads.
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Knowing you are running out of good moves is so frustrating! I feel like you should be able to click even single tiles just to do 1 damage or something. But of course then it would be very easy to set up enormous combos.

Sebmojo's Dungeon Raid link led me to the charmingly homemade Sliding Cat, so thank you for that, I think.

"Sliding cat is a game that the cat obtains the fish by inclining iPhone. The cat slides in the direction where iPhone is inclined. Let's find the fish. It returns to the initial position when the cat slips under the water."
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After quite some time it occured to me that my life is more important than defeating the Red Wyrm. I may however be vastly over estimating my contribution the real world.
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Fun! Iron Golem was a bit of a bastard just trying to put together the string of big enough hits to take him down in time.

It took me a while to notice that you could boost HP by potioning when at max, but that definitely helped out in a few of the later fights, yeah.

Will look at Dungeon Raid, though at a glance I have to say it looks a lot more like it's trying to be Puzzle Quest than this. Which would be a bad thing if I hadn't poured god knows how many hours into the Puzzle Quest games.
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Pretty fun. Loads of luck as far as getting good groupings but I was able to polish off the iron golem without much difficulty.

Some general tips/mechanics.
The pink hyper adds its value to the effect of the next tile. Typically this will be most useful for giving yourself excellent armor since armor acts against multiple attacks and healing/your attacks only act once. Exceptions will be the troll where defense is barely a concern, the iron golem where piercing its armor will be the primary concern, and to a lesser extent the drake since its fire attack ignores armor.

Armor and hyper both reset each time they are selected. Typically it is a bad idea to replace strong armor with weaker armor. If you need to clear armor to open up attacks do so in an order where the last armor you select is the greatest (if possible).

You can get health over your maximum.

But really considering the simplicity of the mechanics I have to give the creator credit for capturing the feel of the various enemies within such a simple mechanical framework.
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How many monsters are there after the cyclops? It was fun for a while, but I got bored with it at that point.
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Reminds me of Desktop Dungeona in its ability to mix puzzler mechanics with RPG grinding in a way that enhances both. Nice!
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Desktop Dungeons, sorry.

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The Iron golem is 100% luck, I could only get close if I started out with at least 1 huge purple clump and 1 huge weapon clump, and I only defeated it when I had both of the above with a sizeable armor clump beside it. Other than that, it was an interesting/challenging game
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