Insert joke I would have learned at band camp here, if I had gone to band camp.
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Genghis Barbie is a "post post-feminist feminist" French horn quartet that plays breathtaking renditions of Somebody to Love, Kiss from a Rose and Janelle Monae's 57821. Oh, and Thong Song.
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Well this is my new favourite thing ever.
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Will be showing this to my French horn-playing wife later. Thong Song! What??
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I like French Horns when they are part of an orchestra but everything played by a French Horn Quartet comes out sounding like Christmas music.
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"My post post-feminist feminist french horn single, My Post Post-feminist Feminist French Horn Single Is Dropping, is dropping."

Also, would it be too much to hope for an eventual collaboration with my favorite lesbian-feminist klezmer band, Isle of Klezbos?
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No matter what song they're covering, it STILL sounds like the soundtrack for a BBC movie set in the 19th century. Say, "Codpiece House", "Hound of the d'Urbervilles", or the like.
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The YouTube suggestions for the Genghis Barbie videos led me to the exciting new genre of Swiss Alphorn Funk.
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Thank you, jedicus. I had no idea. Guess what'll be on my iPod 'ere night falls!
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Isle of Klezbos is awesome, too--thanks wreckingball!
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"I can die now"
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jedicus: "The YouTube suggestions for the Genghis Barbie videos led me to the exciting new genre of Swiss Alphorn Funk ."

Amazing. Her name is Eliana Burki, and here's an album on Amazon.
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I love horns so, so, so much.
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the exciting new genre of Swiss Alphorn Funk

Lately, the Internet has reduced me to a stock reaction of "So that's a thing now? Hunh."
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The awesomeness levels in here are dangerously high. Ohmigosh, that Janelle Monae cover.
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Live on WFMU's 7 Second Delay: audio, images
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Did anyone else use the link to the Ellen show at the bottom of their page?
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"Swiss Alphorn Funk" is the name of my Von Trapp Family Singers cover band.
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good rhythm section too
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Bit of a WTF moment for me with that last one, but then I was expecting Thong Song, not Thong Song.

Especially after this
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Yeah, they're cute, but the problem is that whenever they put their lips on your mouth, they try to put their hand up your bell.
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Things I learned today: no one can make playing the french horn look cool.
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Oh, man, this is grand. Horn in F (a term which was beat into me throughout middle and high school as I guess "French horn" is wrong for some reason) is just so satisfying to play when it's going right. And it's so much work to get it to be going right. Also, protip: if you meet a girl and find out she played horn in school, she is 93% likely to be rad as shit.
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I can certainly vouch for elevated radness in former mellophone players. (Hi, sweetie!)

My favorite thing about the live Eliana Burki video that flabdablet posted is the bonus alphorn action sitting on the stage. Someone please fashion her an awesome alphorn storage vest so she can carry them around like John Popper's harmonicas.
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You didn't link to their Life On Mars? It's not perfect, but I really don't care.
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If only they'd open for Mnozil Brass!
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I clicked on this with mild interest, but was very surprised to discover that this is the very first thing ever that has made my dog pay attention to my computer. For that, this post earns a favorite.
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I. am. in. love. Thank you for posting this! Nothing makes more sense to me than this does. I mean that.
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I love this stuff. Like Acid Brass, but sweeter.
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Judging from this video, I'd guess some of them are little less into the "Barbie" gimmick than others.

But who cares about that? They sound fantastic. Thanks Apropos.
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Gorgeous! Great timbre and great 4-part writing.
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OK, professional hornist here (well, by that I mean a slightly starving freelance one, so read my slight jealousy into their success)... umm... OK, beautiful sounds, great technique but that repertoire... really? That's not post anything. Why be outrageous then do mainly middle of the road covers?

The sound is all too sweet and polished for post post-feminist, I want playing that is rougher and repertoire that is rougher (OK, that's a personal thing, I like horns light and punchy when they're not playing late romantic repertoire).

And what is post post-feminist? Is it filming yourself in short skirts so the camera can almost see your knickers when you play?

I'm no prude but, dear God girls!

I have been lurking on Metafilter for YEARS, sorry it's taken so long to comment on anything and now I come out all negative nellie.

Also it's a "horn", it is in F, but they are not "F horns" they're playing "double horns" as they are in F and Bb, even though they read in F and music partition may say "Horn in F". "French horn" is acceptable but plain old "horn" is best. Was that confusing? I can clarify if needed.
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I assumed that the term "post post-feminist feminist" was a joke.
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A "post-feminist" or "post-post-feminist" is someone who still wants women to be treated as human beings even if society slurs "feminists" as being ugly man-haters.

It shouldn't be necessary to reframe feminism in reaction to sexist caricatures, but it's understandable.
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