What? No Shout at the Devil?
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"This week I’d like to start with a little audience participation. (...) Not every sufferer feels constrained to 'decorate the pavement.'" Jonathon Green, author of Green's Dictionary of Slang is Taking Slang Seriously. Also rounded up in The Vomitorium.

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Laughing at one's shoes or selling Buicks over the big white telephone are a couple of my favorites from back in the day.
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I didn't see Technicolor Yawn on there. I learned that one from my dad.
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"Chowder up!"
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At our house, humans barf and cats yarf. I don't know why that is. Probably has something to do with barf + yacking up hairballs.

(This morning I found a delightful kitty present on my new chair the hard way. Fortunately it was on the arm of the chair rather than in the seat, so it was only the elbow of my robe that got soaked instead of my rear end. The chair is covered in a giraffe print, which is not conducive to me noticing yarf first thing.)
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humans barf and cats yarf

And dogs urk.
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"Blow grits?" 40 years I've been in the southeastern US, and never once heard this one. But soon everyone shall hear it!

(Also, our word for the thing cats do: errRUK-errRUK-errRUK.)
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"Blow grits?"

Huh. This means something else entirely in Canadian political circles.
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And count on the pedant to point out that vomitorium may not be what you think it is.
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Years ago, on a long-dead forum, a word game came up that involved re-naming users based on vomit slang and an animal and their initials - I was known as Chunder Vole for a while over there. Blowing beets or tossing bisquits are a couple of local variations I've always enjoyed, and I was in a band once that had a drinking song (pretty much only sung at rehearsals/stubling around the streets) using the praying at the porcelain alter variant as a chorus.

Also, Damn! I missed this when I was carefully crafting this post.
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Aha! Yarf is British slang. I lived in the UK for a couple of years as a teenager, so maybe that's where I picked it up.
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My cats honk for awhile before they hork.
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