Worst. Movies. Ever.
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The B-Master Cabal is a site that aggregates some of the best bad movie review sites on the web and puts together for themed movie roundtables. Most of the sites focus not only on mocking bad films but also praising obscure horror, fantasy, action and science-fiction. B-Masters Roll-Call! Teleport City covers everything from Turkish spy movies to kung-fu rarities to Japanese whiskey. 1000 Misspent Hours and Counting has in-depth, critical reviews of classic horror and genre films. And You Call Yourself A Scientist! examines who movies handle from the perspective of a female scientist. Badmovies.org features a Marine dissecting crap film with copious quotes and clips. Jabootu.net posts excruciatingly long reviews of excruciating films, and is one of the few sites to cover contemporary trash like Gigli. The Unknown Movies Page unearths films too obscure even for the rest of the cabal. Cold Fusion Video, Stomp Tokyo, and Brain Eater round out the group
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I have not made any bad movies myself. But what's next? Bad books?
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I discovered most of these when I was a kid, thrilled at taking out Plan 9 From Outer Space and watching it with my friends. The first website I ever wrote to was Stomp Tokyo (about the Zeriam anime), and getting an e-mail back from them was pretty thrilling. That plus MST3K meant I read and knew about these films, but didn't really watch them.

Flash forward 15 years. I've moved out of home for the first time, and felt pretty isolated and lonely. I knew there was a bad movie night at a local pub ran by someone I kinda knew. I went there and the MC's personality and the warmth of a bunch of misfits laughing at crap films pretty much saved my life.
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Thank you for reminding me of the cabal. I've just now returned from diving into the reviews; I remember why I spent so much time there a decade ago.
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