Amelié goes to Sweden
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Detektivbyrån (The Detective Agency) was a little-known Swedish band that made delightful music often inspired by Yann Tiersen's soundtrack to Amelié. E 18 - Om Du Möter Varg - Generation celebration - Nattoppet - Partyland - Monster - Laka kaffa - Vänerhavet. (Warning: aggressively cute and happy music containing accordion and bells.)

YouTube channel here
Official website (free downloads at the bottom of this page)
Live here (after a minute), here and here
Music video
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Polka is popular
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oh fuck I'm trapped in a music box!
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I didn't realize they were a "was." Bummer.
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One morning last year I woke up my girlfriend to tell her we're going out for a picnic date at a secret location (which ended up being a 7 hour drive to Central Park in NYC.) When she realized it was going to be a long ride, she pulled out my MP3 player and started looking for stuff to play. "Detektivbyrån? Stimmhorn? I didn't know you listened to heavy metal." Admitting to liking accordion music can be an awkward moment in a relationship. Even more so when you're stuck in a car together for 7 hours with not much else to listen to but Chinese lessons.
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That Stimmhorn stuff is great, too, MrFTBN, thanks for mentioning it!
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These guys are amazing. I saw them at Roskilde Festival some years back, and was amazed at what they were doing as a three-piece. As well as scissors and a toy piano making occasional appearances, one bloke was playing the accordion and keyboards - sometimes simultaneously!
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Hah! This is pretty great.

MrFTBN, that Stimmhorn link was a concert poster assignment one summer at RISD. I think I was the only one who kept listening to it after the work was done. Tom Wedell, if you're out there, thank you.
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Music containing accordion and bells should not be cute and happy.
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Aha. It's Beirut minus vocals.

(But, seriously. This is great.)
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Also recommended are Samla Mammas Manna (and the related Von Zamla) and Arbete & Fritid (both long defunct, unfortunately).
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