Okay, so I am a little biased against the Democratic Underground.
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Okay, so I am a little biased against the Democratic Underground. Occasionally I may even laugh at some of their insults of dubya. I am sure this page was placed on their website early in the day of the attack without thinking. Maybe I am being just a little too sensitive about the tragedy, but I really think they should at LEAST change the date of this letter to santa.
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meh. sure, it's probably some of the most juvenile "satire" i've ever read, i give you that. but i can also advise that if these things perturb you so greatly, don't seek them out, and then post them on the front page. all it seems like you're doing is saying: "Look! These guys are assholes! Let's talk about how much they are insensitive assholes!", and in doing so, frankly, you look like a bit of an a-hole yourself -- unless, of course, you work for ... THE INTERNET POLICE!!!!


in which case i then apologize.
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Skallas; great advice...I shall.
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As our president has just said: let us get back to our work.
I wish , though, he had not repeated over and over that we were on a crusade. The last big one was by Christians to stamp out Muslim belief. I have a feeling that many Muslims who know their history might be a bit put off by this sort of thing.
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Christ, it offends your sensibilities so they should change it?

Here's an idea, how about we all post all the urls of pages we have "issues" with so everyone can visit the pages, driving up their stats. That way they'll know they can generate traffic with alleged bad taste.
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