The little team full of heart
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L'equip petit - "... if one day I score, I'll be so happy that I'll fly."
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Is it just me, or does Vimeo on Chrome not work at all?
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I didn't stop smiling once.
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Oh my. That was adorable. Why is it always extra cute when kids are speaking a language I don't understand? I think I'm going to bookmark this to watch when I'm feeling down.
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Best of the web everything.
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It's cool to learn a lesson. It's even better to learn it from incredibly adorable little kids.
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At first my internal French translator thought it meant "small equipment," and the tagline still worked. The actual video was much cuter, though.
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"We'll score goals when we're old." That kid is my hero.
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"We'll score goals when we're old." That kid is my hero.
Nando's too.
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They are phenomenal. Even as an adult, I can't imagine being so lucid and sanguine about facing loss after loss.

Also, holy crap, Catalan! ("No, it's definitely Spanish, I understood that part! But this, this I don't understand at all! Wait. Am I having a stroke? No, I don't think I'm having a stroke....")
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That was perfect. Even the adults were perfect.

The guy who posted said it wasn't originally intended as a commercial product, but just something for the parents and friends – so a labor of love all the way around. Beautiful.

However, the directors are real-life directors, and I looked them up. One of their projects was "La Zona Fosca" (The Dark Area)
(translated:) "a documentary series that takes a tour of the social history of crime in Catalunya twentieth century. Avoiding sensationalism and morbidity, each of the thirteen episodes of the series focuses on a case to be discovered by the hand of a journalist, Pere Cullell, who revives the steps to clarify the facts. Pere talk to police officers involved in the resolution of cases, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, forensic ... and anonymous people who lived from about those crimes or that we can provide the keys to understanding what happened."

Following the thread of the crimes, the series also shows how police techniques have evolved, forensics and justice in the last hundred years. Understanding that each crime is also a reflection of society and the values ​​of the moment, the series traces the dark history of the twentieth century.
Some of the episodes are on YouTube, though not with translations.

PS: did you know that to get a .cat domain, you have to host content in the Catalan language? Just an interesting tidbit of information I came across at one point – nothing to do with this project. :)
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I love this. What wonderful attitudes they have!

"We haven't scored any goal yet, but it's fine."
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