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Quirky is sort of like Threadless, but for inventions. (via)

People can submit ideas for products and vote on the best ideas. The company develops chosen ideas into actual products. If enough people commit to buy a resulting product in pre-sale, it is manufactured and sold.

(site & description found on Rebecca Likes Online Shopping which was on mefi projects)
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So not only does Quirky get to profit off of successful products in a big way, but I have to pay $10 even to submit an idea? No thanks.
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These products I didn't know existed will solve the problems I didn't know I had.
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Web 1.0 was generating free content at a loss and making money on the advertising

Web 2.0 is creating an ecosystem (marketplace) at a loss and then taking a nice fat cut on other people's work

That said, some of these products look pretty good and probably could only come to market by greasing the wheels like this.
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Will it piss me off the same way Threadless does?
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Anything that allows me to buy replaceable airfreshners for the drain in my sink can't lose!
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there's some interesting, smart things on here! If I ever need a new dustpan, I know where to go!
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Well, RetailMeNot has Quirky coupons listed: one free idea submission, sort of thing. (It popped up on my RetailMeNot Firefox add-on, but I hadn't checked it out before.)
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Will it piss me off the same way Threadless does?

Well, that depends on what pisses you off about Threadless.
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Will it piss me off the same way Threadless does?

If you're the incorrigible sort that needs the internet to validate your grumpiness, probably.
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Wait, it only costs $10 to submit an idea now? Used to be $100.
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With respect, I think Kickstarter has emerged as a far better platform for innovative/creative products.

To wit (searching only for 'camera'):

It's just far cooler to help people launch businesses than it is to help a retailer develop exclusive products.
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Did we already go thru all the Halfbakery.com ideas?
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I think Quirky fits a nice niche for some students who are experimenting with product ideas. Specifically:

-Those who cannot build a functional or pre-production prototype. A good concept without a prototype rarely sparks an investors interest.
-Those who have a product idea that you can't build a business around.
-Those who have a product idea that isn't worthy of a patent.
-Those who have a fine product idea--not a great one, but an okay one--and want to get some feedback from the community about their idea.

Getting products made and sold can be expensive and difficult. Attracting investors, unless you are well connected, is also difficult. Building a business around one product idea unless you have experience is very difficult. The functionality, the testing, the aesthetics, the materials selection, the legal wrangling...there is a lot of work between "your idea" and "profit" in product development.

I don't begrudge Quirky their $10 or their cut. Anyone can have an idea, the hard work is what comes after. Looks like Quirky will do that hard work for you if you don't have the resources or motivation take your idea forward yourself. If you can take an idea into production yourself, you don't need Quirky.
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Some of these are nice, but a lot of them are just stuff you can do with a rope or some glue.
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