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Henry Rollins talks with Dinosaur Jr. An 18 minute chitchat followed by a loud, rocking show, most of which was also posted: The Wagon Out There Don't
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Wow, J Mascis's hair turned white? I just had one of those "I had no idea how much time has passed" moments.
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Man, this is SO not indie rock.

This is a sludgefest.
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I've liked Dinosaur Jr (well, J Mascis) stuff since I stumbled onto Bug just after it was released like 25 years ago, but later albums brought diminishing returns, for me, at least. I started listening to 2009's Farm a few weeks back, though, and that is one great album. It's my favorite J Mascis stuff in ages: heavy, hooky, fun. But there are folks who just can't stand his vocal style, and though I like it, I can sympathize.
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I agree, stav.

I loved You're Living All Over Me (which I thought was their masterpiece) and Bug, then kinda lost interest (for decades) until a friend urged me to listen to Farm. And it really is good! Not a band that I would have thought would have made a great record some 25 years down the line. Surprising.

And live? They are the loudest thing that was ever loud. They're so loud the music is almost visible, shimmering in the air. There was a great quote from Mascis back in the day about how he developed his sound. He said that he started as a drummer, and when he switched to guitar he didn't really know what he was doing, so he just turned everything up until he could feel the pulses of sound on the back of his legs.

Speaking of drumming, when he isn't fronting Dinosaur Jr, Mascis is banging the skins for stoner/doom/metal outfit Witch.
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Farm was a very good album.
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I absolutely loved Bug and was a huge Dinosaur fan but when I heard the song Poledo on YLAOM something clicked and I played it over and over becoming completely obsessed with it. I read that the song was all Lou Barlow with a 2 and 4 track recorder and I was blown away. When J canned Lou my allegiance went with him. I never was able to listen to the post-Lou Dinosaur albums and I could never understand why J was considered a genius when IMO Lou was the soul of the band. Everything Lou did post Dinosaur blew away J's crappy MTV friendly offerings.

With that said, Farm is a pretty damn good album and it's nice to see Lou and Murph have figured out a way to communicate with J and make new music.
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J Mascis turned into a chubby Dumbledore. A Chumbledore if you will (You're Living All Over Me gives me chills when I listen to it.)
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Sebadoah was a great band also.
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I'm excited to check this out, because every J mascis interview I've read or heard has been the definition of the "like pulling teeth".
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I was at this show at Terminal 5, it was pretty great and brought me back to my college days. Dinosaur was disappointingly quiet though. Even Fucked Up was too quiet, honestly.

Highlights for me were the dude who provoked a nice series of threats from Rollins by throwing his shoes. And, of course, the kid who Dinosaur brought on stage to scream during DONT (see link in post). Lou Barlow didn't want to hurt his voice. He always was so dainty, last time I saw him in concert was with Sebadoh circa 1995 and he literally left the stage for the night in tears.
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omg. I was at this show!

This was the night I realized that D, Jr. are a chick band. So many ladies rockin out while their dudes did the Standing Still.

I'd never seen them live before, and was surprised at how tight they were. Not that I expected them to be sloppy, but they always struck me as a jammier band. Also, J. Mascis is like the Swamp Thing of Rock.
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I hate people who don't know when to shut up. HATE.
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Does he get in the van?
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Nice to see Lou back on the Rickenbacker...that Fender he'd been rocking since they got their gear stolen just didn't have the same heft to it.
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Word to the wise: do not throw boots at Henry Rollins.
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FARM! Holy shit, so f'n good.
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Also, J. Mascis is like the Swamp Thing Man-Thing of Rock.


Whosoever knows sludge burns at the sound of Mascis.
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Some great music came out of the pioneer valley in the late 80s/early 90s.
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I saw them Saturday night in DC. The interview was meh, Rollins seemed like a hardcore
Roy Firestone, frankly. The show was awesome, though and to Henry's credit, he was up on the band room balcony for the whole thing, head bobbing the whole time and playing air drums. My buddy claims he was also drinking a Miller High Life. I couldn't tell.

show was great.
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An old friend of mine is the sister of Mike Johnson. He played bass through a good chunk of '90s era Dinosaur Jr. She has told me a bunch of really cool stories about all manner of things her brother did or people she met and so on.

My favorite story she told me from the Dinosaur Jr. days is this one, because I love Dino Jr., Van Halen, and dumb jokes. For a while amongst the dudes of Dino Jr. it was funny to say when something was really cool, "Man, that's like M.A. on the B.V. with the F.J.D.B.!" It's an obvious reference to the Van Halen video for "Panama", meaning, "Man, that's like Michael Anthony on the backing vocals with the flying Jack Daniels bass!" And seriously, that is some fucking cool shit.

The counter to that was "G.C. on the L.V.", or, "Gary Cherone on lead vocals". Weak!
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I saw the part where someone threw shoes at Henry Rollins and I though he was going to jump into the audience and start busting heads.

He handled it pretty well, though I thought it was annoying how be brought people throwing things at bands up later on in the interview. I guess everyone grows up someday.
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LOVE this rendition of Don't. Thanks for posting!
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