Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.
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Lots of fun art links making the rounds this week, including Pollock and fluid dynamics and Giuseppe Arcimbaldo, proto-surrealist? Also popping back up, the classic Mr. Picassohead (quite some time previously) and still-stunning Tilt-shifted Van Gogh (previously). But art can be lucrative, and where there's money, there are thieves (Picasso sketch stolen in San Francisco) and cheaters (previously) ... and lawsuits.

Need more art in your life? There's an app for that. Or, assuming you can't afford a Klimt for your living room, why not find a local artist whose work highlights the beauty you see in your everyday life?

Well, that'd be the beauty I see in my everyday life but I'm sure you have your own.
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The one on Pollock and fluid dynamics reminds me of a favorite line: "Art tells the jokes that science insists on explaining."
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Hehehe, secretly playing Mister Picassohead when my coworkers aren't looking. They must think I'm translating a hilarious technical manual. Thanks for the art!
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Applets that are worth loading Java for:



(from this site).
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Love the Tilt-shift Van Gogh, incredible!
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