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The Mad Music Archive and the Colorectal Surgeon Song as gelotological recommendations | | Laugh Sounds | Laughter and the Brain | Gelotology: A laughing matter | Gelotology, the study of laughter | The Science of Laughter | What’s So Funny? Well, Maybe Nothing | The science of laughter - Humour may play a vital role in children's development, reports Alastair Clarke.

Strangely Charming: The Science of Laughter: Another study performed by Ihtsham Haq from Wake Forest University printed in March used laughter as a medicinal tool to cure obsessive-compulsive disorder. ..The experiment was repeated several times over the course of two years, and all but one patient showed marked improvement. The experiment was significant in that it identified areas of the brain that induced laughter (which differed from patient to patient) and used laughter to treat a previously untreatable condition.

Laughter on Wikipedia

My boys always laugh when we say George Stephanopoulos.

The serious business of laughter | The Science Of Laughter and more about the science of laughter

The health benefits of humor and laughter | Laughter as medicine

Etymology of gelotology

Laughter yoga as prison therapy

Gelotological examples: Problem-solving dog considers the inclined plane | baby laughing | Belgian TV sketch | Robin Williams on Khadafi

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The dog is priceless. I just went through a few links and I'm laughing already. Great post!
posted by Seekerofsplendor at 7:49 PM on July 10, 2011

Also worth checking out on this topic -- Milan Kundera's Book of Laughter and Forgetting. Specifically the chapter on laughter. Not so much the one on forgetting.
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Funny, I also laugh when people say George Stephanopoulos. But probably for different reasons.

This is great. I am a firm believer that almost everything becomes bearable with laughter.
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