"For me, animated film is about magic".
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Jan Svankmajer’s Bonecreatures - Bones, dolls and a very peculiar interpretation of Alice in Wonderland together with three other short videos Et Cetera, Flora and Table Manners.
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If Hieronemous Bosch were an animator, It might look like this. For this, I thank you
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I love Svankmajer's work- I'm looking forward to watching this. Conspirators of Pleasure is definitely one of my all-time favorite films.

Svankmajer previously on Mefi
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Bonecreatures isn't a thing, is it? I mean, that's just what somebody decided to call a clip from Alice after they uploaded it to YouTube, right?
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And "Table Manners" isn't a Svankmajer film.
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His Faust was the first work I saw and I think Alice pales in comparison. Mephistopheles was so creepy, the giant devil puppets, Joan of ark's oozing drill hole...
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