Kim Deitch: My Life in Records
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"I decided I wanted to buy the Dorsey Brothers’ mambo record. However, I did not have the required 39 cents." Over at The Comics Journal, cartoonist Kim Deitch (previously), son of animator Gene Deitch (previously), has been posting a wonderful, rambling memoir about the music in his life.
Part 1: The Dorseys and Beyond "Watch for Russ Columbo playing some hot violin in this one."
Part 2: An Early Education - Jazz, folk and the ’40s - Alan Lomax, Jelly Roll Morton and jazz fandom
Part 3: Our hero stumbles on the birth of television, specifically, music on television
Part 4: Rock ‘n Roll - "For a lot of Americans it was like the whole damn African jungle had landed in the middle of Ed Sullivan’s stage"
Part 5: Rocking Forward

Music/comics geeks might like the comments under each post, too.
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I'm a little disappointed that this doesn't seem to include any comics by Deitch--who's been a staple of underground comics for decades--but just a little.
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This looks like a wonderful memoir of Deitch's parents and the music they loved. I've enjoyed his Hollywood-infused comics for 30 years.
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Part 6: Almost Adult
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