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Samosapedia "The definitive guide to South Asian lingo". Eg., Enthu Cutlet: An enthu cutlet is an earnest eager beaver who is able to muster up inordinate amounts of energy, inspiration and enthusiasm towards a variety of things. (via)
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This is great! Thanks for the post.
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The best adjust madi, while the worst / are enthu cutlets.
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In my day, we had enthu and cutlet used seperately, but now I see they have been mashed together...
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Its very Bangalore though, imho, viz. bold,

Cut to, autorickshaw driver in a tattered uniform pant, red floral print shirt, aviator Roy Bons, and three to four gold chains (costume jewelry), sitting sideways in the front of his rik so he can sight-adi the ladice that are his fare. He might have a black light installed at the back of his rik and Kannada rap blaring on his specially installed speakers (a rare and lucky find in an auto)...

Notwithstanding the fashion debacle and Road Side Romeo aspirations, the rear canvas exterior of his chariot will proudly proclaim: "Above Mother There Is No Other"

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I noticed the Bangalore bias as well.
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Here's an interview with the founders. They seem to originally hail from Bangalore: All Samosapedia's known depredators are young professionals in their early 30s, who are absconding between New York City, San Francisco and Bangalore. So the Bangalore bias is not surprising. They are open for contributions though, so that could easily change.
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Could anyone expand on Doordarshan? I have no idea what they are talking about, but it sounds really interesting.
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Doordarshan is basically the Government's TV channel(s) -- for the 80s and early 90s pretty much the only option available. Doordarshan literally means "far view" i.e. "television". They had some interesting programming, shall we say.
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Through the late seventies and early eighties when we'd be on home leave, the contrast between Doordarshan - fondly shrunk down to DD and everywhere else was stark. It was a single channel, black and white feed whose highlights included Krishi darshan which told you more about fertilizers and farming than you ever wanted to know, reruns of Star Trek (a big deal on Sunday mornings) and Chitrahaar. Colour came in with the 1982 Asiad Games.

Indians tend to be a sentimental lot and for a while there folks were sighing over this on FB. But then again the guy who designed the font and the logo taught us typography so there you are. The sound going off around the neighbourhood meant they'd started broadcast (24 hour whut?)

It was cable television's proliferation in the mid to late 80s that changed the landscape of young urban india (Santa Barbara! I forget the other biggie) ruining the morals of the young by which time the market liberalized in 91 (the golden summer) and the world changed.

hmm, Maybe I could offer to write a get off my lawn series?
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I notice it's missing the excellent Indian English phrase "after some time," which is used mostly by providers of goods and services to mean "at some point between an hour from now and never in a million years."

Like say if you needed a change to an airline reservation or you needed a signature from some bureaucrat to move along a visa application or something like that, and so you're like, "So when will it be ready?" You'd often as not be told, "You can come back after some time." Maybe in an hour, maybe never. Dharma's wheel spins on its own schedule. Try again later. Thank you, come again!
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Thanks for the post! I'm wallowing in nostalgia at the moment, but I'm sure it will pass...

I'm especially enjoying the mallu-isms (load-shedding, traditional with modern outlook, kindly adjust, Qyoon, zoober, shame shame). And now I want chaaya and parippu vada. Related.
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One more, which they have written up: kindly do the needful. In my experience, nothing sped up that "after some time" interval quite like someone with some authority intervening on your behalf to suggest that the bureaucrat in question "kindly do the needful."
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I caught a bit of the TV Tropes time loss from this. Fascinating.
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Since I assume a lot of the MeFi desis are reading this thread, do any of you know where I can get a DVD of Maula Jatt? I've heard it's an awesome movie.
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