"It was very straight-laced..."
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Yonge Street: Toronto Rock & Roll Stories. This documentary series by Bravo tells the story of Toronto's early rock scene, when "the Devil's music" stormed Toronto and Yonge Street became an essential destination for musicians, singers and music fans not only in Toronto but across Canada and beyond.

Featuring stories and anecdotes from Robbie Robertson (The Band), Ronnie Hawkins, Cathy Young, Gordon Lightfoot, Sylvia Fricker (Ian & Sylvia), John Kay (Steppenwolf), David Clayton-Thomas (Blood, Sweat and Tears), Daniel Lanois, Skip Prokup (Lighthouse) and many others.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

(note: each part is split into six clips, each of which is preceded by a 30-second commercial)
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Hey ... you leave my yonge out of this.
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Yonge Street

The Ontario Censor Board warns that the following movie contains scenes depicting excessive violence, nudity and explicit footage of Yonge Street in Toronto. We recommend that parental discretion be exercised regarding children under the age of twelve. Thanks for watching this film in Ontario.

Part 1

Part 2
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That's exactly the Gordon Lightfood assessment I would expect from somebody who would wear a band t-shirt ironically without ever having listened to the artist.
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I heart Gordon Lightfoot.
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Sonic Youth, dirt weed, pointless drives to nowhere, rejected crushes, Rat distortion pedals, suburban freedom.

I was there too ... but as for Mr. Lightfoot (of whom Bob Dylan intoned back in the day, "He never put out a record that didn't matter to me"), he remains untarnished, albeit occasionally a little sticky around the edges ...

but not here
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I just listened to Lightfoot for the first time, ever - the shirt was worn ironically, after all - and man was he awful. MOR with a touch of light adult contemporary.

"Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald" is MOR with a touch of light adult contemporary? Face, meet palm.
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That's what you get for loving Gord.
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See also Canadian classic Going Down The Road for more vintage Yonge St. highjinks!
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"Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald"

Wasn't the Wreck of the Gordon Lightfoot, by Edmund Fitzgerald?
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This doc is great!

My favourite bit is where Ronnie Hawkins and his bearded biker buddy, the founder of the Vagabonds M.C. (which the internet says has since been absorbed into H.A.), are reminiscing about carrying blackjacks and guns and whatnot, and the cops who used to bust them, and then, out of nowhere, a tiny chihuahua in a sweater playfully clambers across the couch.

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Bob Dylan always cites Gordon Lightfoot as one of his all time favorite songwriters.
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It's slightly less rock & roll, but here's another Yonge Street story (NSFW/NSFL/HT reddit).
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OMG tapesonthefloor - that did NOT go where I thought it was going to go. And where it went... Oh, the horror.
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