Awesome times in East Germany
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Secret Spy Photos from East Germany Revealed! All kinds of awesome from the time that the Berlin Wall fell. [coral cache]
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In Soviet Russia, error message is for when service is temporarily available. What a country!
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...and that's the last anyone was to see or hear anything about any secret spy photos, or for that matter, Eekacat.
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This is why we can't have nice things.
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We'll give it another shot now that it seems to be breathing again, but I added a cache link to the post as well in case it struggles a bit with the Mefi firehose on it again.
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Don't miss his half-finished flash game Spies, Serial Killers and Terrorists. The content is there, just need an answer key and a little quiz interface.
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I want to look at all these images, but the navigation is just terrible. :(
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Does the link in the double work?
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Way more pictures than in that previous link.

I liked the little note on Stasi SOP:

The Stasi very often used Polaroid images during the secret search of appartments. The people under surveillance were not aware of these searches and the Stasi used these instant films to document the position of every object before the real search. This made it possible to leave every object in its original position after the search.
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Nvm. This link is in the comments of the last post.
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God damn! The images are fantastic. But it went down as I was browsing it.
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MFS-HA-VII-Fo-0807-0003/ destroyed photos
is an early attempt to replicate the interior of an Olive Garden.
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I remember the first time I saw this website. It was a link from some site called Metafilter.
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This is relevant to my interests.
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