Inside Iranian Cinema
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Inside Iranian Cinema (23 mins.) on
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I saw The Circle at a screening here in Chicago last year. It was great. (Depressing, though, but I think that's kind of par for the course in Iranian films.) You may recognize the director, Jafar Panahi, as the guy who got thrown in jail and banned from filmmaking for 20 years just for trying to make some movies. So yeah, Iran may have a bustling cinema industry, but it's not exactly "dispelling stereotypes" by allowing for free and progressive storytelling. Interesting video.

And now I'm really jonesing for some fesenjoon.
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I'm glad that the video wasn't very sensationalist for a Vice film, even though it has the typical contrarian to conventional wisdom tone. Random shout out to the Green Movement at the end, too.
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Any mirrors? The video isn't available in Canada.
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