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Belushi! No! That Yeezy's for real! Kanye plus Comics combines the lyrics of Kanye West with frames from superhero comic books.

Yeezy's collaborators include the Emerald Knight, the Master of Magnetism, the King, the greatest hero you've never heard of, the Man of Tomorrow, the Emerald Archer's plucky sidekick (with friend) and, of course, the Lion of Olympus.

(Some lyrics NSFW, as you might expect.)
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I just came here to see what they would do with "No one man should have all that power"; Not bad, but I would have gone with this.
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I guess every superhero needs his theme music.
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I kind of wish he spent an extra 1-3 more minutes on each of these to make the text look like cover art or dialogue instead of I Can Has Cheeseburger memes.
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It's a they rather than a he at this point - the site takes submissions, which would have been clearer if I'd linked to the Tumblr pages, on reflection. Some take more care about verisimillitude than others - e.g. this one, currently at the top of the front page.
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Kanye Westeros
Kanye Chef

I dislike Kanye's music and persona, but I find these meme blogs amusing.
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i like everything kanye west, including this
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Cracked my head on a stairwell steering wheel and I ain't even dead


Seriously, stairwell? Were you not even listening to the song at all?
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This thread is now a Spider-Man thread.
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