God's sake!
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swatrick payze is a weird Scottish man whose animated/puppeted videos are highly amusing. (Possible tiny cartoon nudity, if that is a worry.) Here is a photo of him. He has also recently put out a book (with an accompanying ad.)

I think I started watching with Secret Bubble Bath Tree, which is chiefly simple puppetry, and deals with some spiteful guys who like bubble baths. Then there's Davey and Andy play with toys at the garage step, which has probably the most sophisticated animation, and boasts also the brilliant "What're ye doin'?!" which is useful in many social situations.
Wee Potata Face is especially terrific, and informed me that trampolines are apparently called "trampettes" in Scotland.

Terry Runders Kicks a Stone is a longer-format piece, and King of the Castle is a shorter one, seemingly starring the same protagonist.

There're several Mullguy and Bearsden videos, including the wondrous Doing Weights, which should definitely be watched.

And Ghoulie Ghost and Apple Shower (tiny cartoon nakedness) advertize the site explicitly. They are also rather good.

There's also a wealth of amusing little drawings, and the odd book or two as well. Not to mention that I left some really good videos out of this post entirely.
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Swatrick Payze? Don't get me wrong, I really like Com Truise and Mord Fustang but this nupid stames stuff has got to stop.
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In my best Scottish accent I have to say

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Wait, how did he... scooter pull over... heli... what...

[this is good]
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This has a strange 90's cartoon short feel.

I like it.
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A small point - a trampette is not a Scottish thing but rather a small trampoline used for gymnastics or keep-fit.
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This guy is a MeFite, right? I mean, he has to be.
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Very funny, not least because he knows when to stop.
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Ah'm no havin' that.
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This is an example of a Scottish thing that would still be great even without the Scottish accents.
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Oh god, swatrick payze! I love his videos so much. When I first discovered his youtube channel I spent about five weeks with the wee potata face dialogue running in a loop inside my head.
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Tsk. Oh for GOSS-ACHE!
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This guy is cool, but my favorite reversed-celebrity-name-band is still Weevie Stonder
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Oh crap Wevie, not Weevie. Too many Ranger IPAs, sorry!
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The lad obviously watched a few too many John K cartoons, but there's no harm in that. Note the use of the occasional John K crooked finger.

I did like the Mullguy & Bearsden (named after the posh northern suburbs of Glasgow) bits. Fun!
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... but piece and pound coins is the best.
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Toffee apple house.
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