Sari fashion photography
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Sari fashion photography (related)

Because of the harsh extremes in temperature on the Subcontinent, the sari fills a practical role as well as a decorative one. It is not only warming in winter and cooling in summer, but its loose-fitting tailoring is preferred by women who must be free to move as their duties require. For this reason, it is the costume of choice of air hostesses on Air India.
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Gorgeous! Thanks for the eye candy!
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Sari's are absolutely gorgeous garments that seem so comfortable and fun to wear too!

A few friends of mine model in them from time to time in absolutely stunning beaded sari's.. I hope I'll be invited to one of their weddings so I'll get an opportunity to wear one.
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I have a handful of saris, given to me by a friend who makes a point of bringing one back for me whenever he goes home. I pout all winter long, waiting for the weather to break, then run about in flowing silk and bare feet for most of the summer. They're the comfiest things I've ever worn.
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I started wearing saris to all formal events about 10 years ago and haven't looked back. They're especially great at weddings as the flat shoes us tall girls have to wear with them are fabulous for the dance floor. I've also worn them out to clubs after formal events (impromptu late night drinks and dancing) bathrooms in a sari not so good.
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Oh, wow. What beauty. The west would do well to adopt this garment.
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The west would do well to adopt this garment.

We have this extra season here where they wouldn't be so practical.
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Ashley Judd + sari > Padma Lakshmi
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You'll be sa-ri
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It's not just the garments, although they are beautiful. Contrast the smiling, attractive women in the pictures with any set of pictures of scowling, emaciated Western fashion models on the runway.
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Saris are great until you have to go potty.
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I really wish I could wear a sari without looking like a crazy woman on her way to a costume party. The colors are all so gorgeous and the fit seems like it would be flattering on my body type.
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As an American of Indian background, relatives always want to put me in saris but I refuse because they're horridly uncomfortable and odd to me, not to mention the "hey! look at my stomach!" non appeal of the little half shirt. Although, I thought it was spectacularly cool that my fashion forward English raised grandmother got married in a sari with a top with a foldover collar and buttons ( it was the 1930s and she was quite used to flapper clothes/mary janes, and this was her nod to that. ).
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it's really nice
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Do you know the difference between a Banarsi and an Oriya? What's a Bandhni?

Why are they 6 yards long and 9 yards long?

Does the pallu go in the back or the front?

Regional variations and history of the modern style. Also found this

Lots more things including how they wore in the 60s but have an email to write. Bollywood has always inspired local fashion
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Oh, and British Airway's has sari clad stewardesses

This search tells me there's a whole FPP on India's fashion design industry.
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Rautela says she has been a mathematics-chemistry junkie all her life, until two years ago, when she won her first beauty contest title in Mumbai

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Oh, gorgeous!

The color, materials & design just kill me. Some of these are works of art (in silk, no less) and under $200. How I wish I could wear these without feeling like a culture-appropriating jackass. Stupid neurotic guilt.

And don't get me started on the jewelry!


Yes I did have a frustrating shopping experience today, thanks.
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Work of art.
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I always wondered if there was any significance to whether the sari gets draped over the left or right shoulder?

Loved looking at all these.
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Yup, look at the pallu link above - not significant as in meaning but significant if you want the end to come down the front or go back.
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Dammit, yet one more reason to regret not being a crossdresser by nature.
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