Mixing a cocaine rush with a sugar high
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What's that you say? Kpop? Don't you have to be on a permanent sugar buzz to listen to that stuff? Correct connaisseur. But if you don't have pigtails and think you might enjoy some crisp beats along with the happy happy sounds, check out Areia Creations and its remixes of Korean hits. Reliably better than the originals, and a nice introduction into what is and has been hot on the Korean charts. Very addictive.

"Jun Areia" is a music producer, songwriter and DJ from Corfu, Greece currently residing in Seoul, South Korea. He's also quite the talented guy.

Personal favourites:

f(x) - Danger
Big Bang - Tonight
2PM & SNSD - CABI Song
T-ara - Roly Poly
SNSD - Hoot
Rania - Dr. Feel Good
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You missed an opportunity to keep the "How Many" theme going. I would have chosen "How many Kpop hit singles are there? More, thanks to the remixing prowess of Areia Creations" or something like that.

Which is to say, thanks for this!
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This was possibly the worst time to post this: was just before the whole (hilarious) "how many" thing happened. Totally would have made this a How Many Korean Remixes Can One Greek Make if I'd have known. Curses!
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Under upcoming remixes he lists HyunA - Bubble Pop! Yes!!!
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