Whoa is me. I'm so Whoa!
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The new music video for "Big Wheels" by Toronto pop/rap/rock/fun sextet Down With Webster is a masterpiece of 8-bit animation interwoven seamlessly with live action.

Down with Webster has been together for thirteen years, which is pretty incredible when you consider that the band members are all in their mid-twenties. It's only in the last two years however that they've burst onto the scene, signing with Universal Motown, playing major festivals and being nominated for a Juno Award.

"Big Wheels" is not their first high production value video. Be sure to also check out the spectacle that is
"Whoa is Me" (I'm so Whoa!) and the strangely creepy "She's Dope."

Final Bonus Song: The video is not in the same league as the above three, but "Time to Win" is a really fun brainworm of a song. Believe it or not, it came out a full year before Charlie Sheen's famous meltdown. Perhaps Mr. Sheen is a fan?
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I lol'd at the blowing the cartage.

But those are clearly 16-bit graphics.
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Eponysterical? (Enumisterical?)
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8bit all the things!

downvote for orange light gun. A reall aficionado would have the original grey gun, not to mention R.O.B.
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It's great to see break-dancing and go-karts back in our popular culture...but what on earth are those things he is throwing from his bicycle?
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I see your Down with Webster and raise you a Goldfish

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Musically, this reminds me a lot of another masterpiece, Len's "Steal My Sunshine"
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I must be turning into an old fart but I'm getting tired of clicking into intros like "Oh Wow! Fantastic! Seamless integration! Amazing video!" and seeing something to which my most frequent reaction is "Meh!" Is it unrealistic to expect something to live up to its a-MAY-zing! billing in 2011 when they were doing this with video in 1985?
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I enjoyed the tune, but let's not redefine the meaning of "masterpiece".
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I meant that Director submitted this video to Ye Olde Music Videoe Directors Guilde and, as a result, is no longer a journeyman.
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Thedirector that is. Macromedia Director is still an apprentice, sadly.
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Yeah, the whole 'hey, remember that thing from your childhood? This thing also demonstrates remembrance of that thing!' cheap nostalgia is kinda overplayed. Hell, even their logo seems to be just a callback to Weezer's logo. And the guy sucks at Duck Hunt.
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