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David Malki!, of the "illustrated jocularity" Wondermark, has released Wondermark Kinetic. It's a series of ad-libbed, paper-puppeteered videos in an approximation of his usual, surreal style. (If you're unfamiliar with what that style is, he conveniently keeps a list of his own favorite strips.) I particularly like how a story slowly emerges from the rough start of this one.

David Malki! previouslies: 1, 2, 3, 4.
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I was just reading Beards of our Forefathers last night. It was pretty good. I really really wish he hadn't included his own comments on each strip. Artist comments on strips are generally only slightly less unfunny than reader comments on strips. At least they were short.

But back to the strips: My favorite in the book was this one which I know will also annoy my wife and therefore must be adopted posthaste.

And now popping out one more level to the videos: Meh. It plays like he had some good ideas but didn't want to take the time to edit them into panels, even in an extended story form. Fire up the ol' video camera and flarb it all out there!
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The strips are great, even if they are his favourites.
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