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Plaid (previously) has unveiled Scintilli, their new album . The compact disc-format includes a listener-assembled CD "masoleum." Dreambox, an illustrator, muralholic, and Toyota Camry Time Machine operator, collaborated on Plaid's new video: "At Last" (YT).
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Interesting packaging. Reminds me of Raster-Noton's 20'-2000 series, or maybe Autechre's Quaristice.
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After ripping the CD can be displayed in the included mausoleum.

I ought to dig up my old Black Dog CD for a fresh listen - Bytes was one of my favorites back in the day. After Black Dog split and two of the three members formed Plaid, some friends and I drove from Los Angeles to San Francisco to see them, driving back home at dawn.
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What the hell did I just watch.

(Plaid videos usually take a few viewings to digest and this one is no exception)
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Dreambox's car looks like he ran over Flavor Flav when he was coming out of the paint store.
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Oops, I've confused my midsize sedans--It's a Corolla. I speculate whether it can reach the requisite 88mph..
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These are the guys that did the Tekkonkinkreet soundtrack, right? That album is not easy to find.
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ITEM THE FIRST: Plaid is really terrific. They've never disappeared up their own ass like a lot of their IDM brethren and keep grooves and melody at the forefront.

ITEM THE SECOND: What a terrific video.
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Woah - designers republic closed in 2009? Damn, shows how much I've been keeping attention! (That said I thought they were a bit overhyped)...

Thanks for the linkage! I've neglected plaid for quite a while, hope this is pretty good.
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Hoopo: These are the guys that did the Tekkonkinkreet soundtrack, right? That album is not easy to find.

Yeah, one and the same. Sadly, it's a Japanese anime movie that got wider distribution, but the soundtrack did not. Especially sad because that soundtrack is AWESOME. I still haven't seen the movie, but the soundtrack ... so good.
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I recommend the movie, it has a very interesting visual style for anime. But yeah, the soundtrack.. I've actually left the DVD menu screen playing for 5 minutes at a time on more than 1 occasion because I love the theme music so much.
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It's pretty good, but I'm only buying it if it comes...

I'll see myself out.
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Their tour (UK/Europe/Russia/North America/Japan) is just now under way.
Visit Plaid's site for the tour schedule. It looks like they are giving away a free download of the song "Missing" on their album site, Scintilli.
I got my CD in the mail just the other day, and I'm very impressed with the design of the case. I'm looking forward to their Seattle show! I am a longtime fan of theirs and acquainted with Andy, and hope I get a chance to meet them both personally when they're in town. I really want to ask them how they can hide those funky time signatures (5/4, 9/9? Really?) in their songs.
Also, if you like Plaid and want to hear more of their music, a great number of rare/unknown/recent releases are up on YouTube, from this guy: ThePlaided. Along with many old favorites.
The song "Tender Hooks" is featured in the PS3 game "Chime Super Delux". Interview video here.
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Its a great album, Missing, Unbank, 35 Summers, Founded and At Last have all made a big impression on me.

Fleetmouse: What the hell did I just watch.

cmon Fleetmouse, you need to channel more xlt spirit - Its simple. (spoilers)

Crazy space robot uses planetoid to hypnotise peaceful bipeds who are then put to work mining precious purple things that the robots giant factory can make into eggs. One of the bipeds gets hit by an egg and gets un-hypnotised and escapes, alerting the local 'emergency musical services', who rush to the scene in their musical pipe organ fire engine type thing. Possibly, the two people driving the musical pipe organ fire engine type thing are meant to represent Plaid. They defeat the robot with their music and blow up his factory in a fireball of purple things. Peace returns to the bipeds. But then it was all just a story on the Plaid laptop. Or something.
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Plaid's post-2003 soundtrack and video-oriented work has just not grabbed me as completely as the first three Warp full-lengths. Greedy Baby has its moments, sure, and I agree that they were a pretty much perfect fit for the Tekkon Kinkreet soundtrack. That said, seriously, go back and listen to all of P-Brane on headphones. Spokes delivered only fractionally on that EP's still-dizzying-like-10-years-later promise, and ever since, they've been slipping. I hate to say it, but from my initial listens to Scintilli, it's just not a strong return to form, nor does it have enough of its own character to stand apart as some kind of second phase for Plaid. I really hope there are just some subtleties that have yet to become apparent to me, because I have loved the shit out of this group for most of my adult life and I have waited YEARS for this.
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New Plaid is always good. I would just like to shout about Floreat, the new album by Mara Carlyle – previous guest vocalist on a couple of Plaid albums, and formerly married to Plaid's Andy Turner, who co-producer her first album. It's gorgeous, enveloping, slightly sinister stuff. Seriously, how lovely/wonky/woozy is this, the first track on Floreat?*

*Full disclosure: Carlyle & Plaid are a friends of a v good friend, and can knock back whisky like nobody's business.
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I just watched the video, and I think I have to agree w/Rustmouth. Actually - I felt my blood pressure rising from the tension. It was dark, slow building, but no hook. I kept waiting for that class Plaid hook, and... I was completely disappointed. I actually feel... Not angry... But that blood pressure rise... That tension. It wasn't pleasant. It was just like a bad trip. A very mellow dark trip. Not pleasant, not at all.
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I'm a longtime Plaid fan. They have always had signature dynamic to their music and their melodies often had a certain lyrical quality that I found really appealing.

This new album is boring. Plaid's gone ambient and nobody cares.
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