"They are part of our future."
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Libya's National Transitional Council has gotten used to uncovering Moumar Gadhafi's perplexing objects and bygone lifestyle-detritus (previously), though rarely have these objects been sentient and requiring immediate care. When the NTC arrived in Gadhafi's hometown of Sirte, they encountered his abandoned menagerie of rare-breed animals. Accordingly, the reserve has been taken over by fighters loyal to the NTC, together with volunteers stirred by the animals' plight. One such volunteer, [w]ith a doctorate in international relations, Mohamad Al Majdoub makes an unlikely curator for Gaddafi's animals, but he feels that caring for the menagerie is all a part of forging a free Libya. "We have to protect it," said Majdoub. "They are part of Libya's patrimony. They are part of our future."
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i like the different spellings of Gadhafi.
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there are more (from the previously)
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I prefer "He who shall not be spelled".
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I'm glad the surviving beasts are being cared for, and it's kind of interesting how they are being treated as a kind of symbol of a free Libya.
*Don't read if you don't want depressing animal details, however.
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Gaddafi is now supposedly captured and possibly killed. I would put up a link to some news story but there's already too many to choose from.
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