An extended fugue state ramble about the shape of comics and, God, I don't know, a dozen other things.
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Why people like digital comics: you can charge for them, and they look pretty on an iPad. Why people like webcomics: they're free. - Warren Ellis looks at The Broadcast Of Comics.
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Rest of the essay aside, it is great to see somebody giving American Flagg! the props it so desperately deserves.
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(I loved American Flagg; I just reread the first year's worth, and it remains surprisingly fresh.)
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I'm glad that Artw is back posting cool links.
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Being a comics geek and a web geek, it's almost a little embarrassing to me that I don't follow any webcomics. Too much bother to keep up; too slow to read in one sitting; too annoying to spend years waiting for a story that may or may not ever finish. (Yeah, I know about RSS feeds and dailystrips and whatnot; I've just never overcome the inertia to set them up.) Being an anti-DRM zealot, I'm not going to touch Comixology or any of their competitors.

So I'm waiting for 1) the trade, 2) anyone who wants to put a comic in a DRM-free epub sized to look OK on a 6" e-reader.
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John Allison of the fantastic Scary Go Round and Bad Machinery talks print vs. ebooks.
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That's pretty cool he used Cerebus as an example....considering I'm in the middle of scanning in all 6,000 pages for Sim right now! The first volume and High Society are done, I'm about halfway through Church and State as we speak. Back to work...
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Are there any recommendation engines for webcomics? I prefer intellectually and/or darkly humorous comics, but usually loose interest in epic stories, although I finished Freakangles.

I suppose my favorites are/were,,,,,,,,,,, and
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And I’m telling you now, if you’ve never read AMERICAN FLAGG!, and you’re interested in comics and science fiction, then you need to sort that shit out, because this is the great lost commercial graphic novel of the 80s, and it should be racked with WATCHMEN and DARK KNIGHT RETURNS everywhere.

Fucking A.
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antihostile - interesting! Do you know what Sim wants to ultimately do with the digitized version?

Can you provide us any detail on what you're using as a source, and what digitizer you're using? Any post-digitizing processing?
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OT: My staff at the comic shop relentlessly picks on me about my love for AMERICAN FLAGG and Howard Chaykin's art, but I just throw my head back and laugh, and figure they will eventually get it... or not, who cares? FLAGG was/is awesome in the real sense of the word, and quite groundbreaking in it's effervescent style. Comic books rule.
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This article will be great for me when I crack Reinventing Comics. Thanks!
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Without Howard Chaykin's American Flagg, there would be no Watchmen or Dark Knight Returns. We could really do with a nice retrospective post on Chaykin. Time to start checking out what's out there on the web, see if I can't work something up.
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I just wish more webcomics understood pacing. I find a webcomic I like read the backlog and wow, this is great! but then 3 month's later I realize that oh my god this makes newspaper serials look action packed. Oh and you all convinced me to take American Flagg off my I should read this list and buy damn copy already.
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