Now Robert Buckman, there's an atheist I could never get tired of hearing from!
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Robert was well-loved in the oncology community, by patients and colleagues alike. I appreciated my few encounters with him at PMH; he was a funny and compassionate man. His death came up at my support group tonight and there were more than a few tears shed for him. He will be missed.
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“At my funeral,” he wrote, “they’re going to play a recording of me saying, ‘Thank you so much for coming. Unlike the rest of the rest of you, I don’t have to get up in the morning.’ ”

And here's to a well-earned lie-in.
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Thank you for having lived so well, Robert Buckman.
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Safe journey.
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He fell asleep on a transAtlantic flight and died? I can't imagine being on that airplane. What a freaky, freaky thing. My heart goes out to his family and friends. Such a loss.
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Saw him all the time on TVO. When I was much younger I always thought he'd make a spectacular Doctor Who. Very surprised to hear he has passed away so young.
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Oh no! This is terrible. I met him and heard him speak at Grand Rounds several times when I was in nursing school. I remembered him from way back since I grew up watching him on Don't Ask Me (along with "SCIENCE!" Magnus Pyke) and he seemed genuinely tickled about that.

He'd had an autoimmune disease and never looked terribly healthy since, but he was a lovely person, always had a minute to say hello and it seemed to me that he always came down on the right side of things. He really cared about people. He was one of the good ones, what a loss.

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What a freaky, freaky thing.

Strangely enough, death is really not that uncommon.
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What a freaky, freaky thing.

In the pantheon of ways people die, checking out in your sleep on a transatlantic flight is probably one of the better ways to go. Still, it's a terrible loss. Buckman was a clever, funny guy who made life more interesting and more fun for many, many people.
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Oh, how sad. I remember him from the TV show Don't Ask Me, and that show has a lot to do with why I'm interested in science today. Of course, he has done a lot more since then. 63 seems so young, somehow.
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His autoimmune disease can be associated with an underlying cancer.

Always makes me wince a little when a cancer treatment provider develops a rare cancer or cancer-related condition.
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