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Double Dagger are were a guitar-less punk band from Baltimore. They made incredible music (slyt).

Confrontational ("The Psychic") but also funny ("No Allies), punk as fuck ("Camouflage") but wary of nostalgia ("Imitation Is The Most Boring Form of Flattery"), highly political ("Luxury Condos For The Poor") but always rooted in the personal ("Sleeping With The TV On"), music and life are less interesting without them. (all yt links)

Singer Nolen Strals and bassist Bruce Willen also own a design company called Post Typography.
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I saw them when the lead singer still had hair and sung somewhat recognizably. They were always too serious and pissed off to be as fun as I wanted them to be, but hell it's good tO know somebody still gives a shit about hardcore. Sorry they're gone.
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I'm not sure about this band, but The Screamers were actually a guitar-less punk band.
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I'm not so sure they were actually guitar-less, because the bass guitar is a guitar isn't it? But if that's not a problem, then the band I was in circa '92 also qualifies. Twin basses, brutally heavy and loud - a distorted wall of sound, really. Jesus Lizard meets Fudge Tunnel sorta.
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Saw them in a small club in Cleveland. They played on the floor--as in they played right in front of the audience instead of playing on the stage about 5' above everyone else--The lead singer writhed and shouted and streamed between people through the whole set. I thought that was pretty cool.

I liked them live more than I liked their records, but I'm still kinda sad to hear they broke up.
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Still are. For a few days.
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bardic: "music and life are less interesting without them."

cheer up bucko, there are plenty of bands in the sea.
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I'd never heard these guys. I like this a LOT!
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Damage (not to be confused with the European group with the same name) only used keyboards and vocals.
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I saw them open for Titus Andronicus. They were good.

I thought they had another show coming up soon in DC though? Yeah -- Black Cat, next Wednesday. Unless that's being cancelled?
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Yeah, think they are doing a few shows as the swan song.
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Some comments from the band on their website about why they're breaking up. (Plus a list of their final shows.)
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Needs more guitar.
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Love these guys. I used to live across the hall from where they practiced. Which was actually enjoyable to come home to, unlike another neighbor dubbed "The Noodler", who seemed to only know a Jethro Tull song and maybe one or two other classic rock tunes - insufferable. Anyway, hope I can make their last show next week.
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I just bought a ticket to their last show. Glad to see this here.
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An exit interview with Double Dagger
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